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5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Using a Temp Staffing Agency

Businesses that have not worked with recruitment agencies or staffing agencies might be reluctant about utilizing a staffing agency. If you are here, then there are some questions in your head about why you should consider using a temp staffing agency.

However, the partnership with a staffing agency will provide you with these critical benefits. Thus, undoubtedly leading to profitable results.

Staffing Agencies Save Time

A staffing agency will manage the recruitment process from start to finish. Therefore, employers will no longer worry about separating applications. Qualified applicants will be selected for you.

Staffing agencies have an experienced team of experts. Therefore, they can quickly and efficiently handle all pre-employment screening and testing.

Staffing Agencies Save Money

Let’s be realistic; time is money. So if you can save time, you are going to save money.

The hiring process takes companies much time but also money. Having an open vacancy for extended periods can quickly cost significant revenue.

 Staffing firms strive to locate candidates suitable for the job opening as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, saving their clients money and time.

Industry Market Knowledge

The recruiters at staffing agencies are market experts. They spend countless hours learning their industry’s ins and outs. Therefore, making them extremely knowledgeable about what employers expect and where to find the proper talent.

The industry knowledge will provide insight into talent availability, local market trends, and salary ranges.

Staffing Agencies Supervise Onboarding and Payroll

Staffing agencies will manage all of the technicalities concerned with the onboarding process, including paperwork. They will also monitor payroll to ensure the filing of all necessary tax forms for employers and employees.

Therefore the staffing agency’s work is constructive if a company plans to expand into new markets in foreign countries.

Access to Talent Pools

Since staffing agencies contact and connect with many candidates daily, they generally have access to a comprehensive talent network.

A suitable agency will spend years assembling its talent network.

The creation of the employee network pool occurs through:

  • Referrals
  • Networking
  • Outsourcing.

As you probably know, employers usually don’t have the time or resources to engage talent constantly.

Access to talent networks provides a significant advantage. As a result, staffing agencies extend their network to find the best candidates in the shortest amount of time.

When Staffing Agency Partnerships Make Sense?

Operating with staffing agencies, such as AkkenCloud, comes with an abundance of benefits. However, these partnerships are not always the correct solution for every business.

One of the primary distinctions between hiring through a staffing agency and hiring directly for your company is that the person is not your employee. The staffing firm technically employs the individual.

Therefore, there are several scenarios when it makes sense to utilize a temp agency:

  • You require to hire premium talent.
  • You must employ numerous employees.
  • Your business is seasonal, and you’re seeking temporary employees only.
  • Your company lacks time to start a new recruitment process.
  • You need to create a new recruitment process.
  • You want to hire foreign candidates.

So, if any of these scenarios are similar to your company experiences, consider getting help from an external partner!

Therefore, these five reasons are why you should consider utilizing a staffing agency. You will save time and expenses on your hiring procedures. The stress from onboarding and payroll will improve workflows. The staffing agencies’ talent pools give you the cream of the crop for talent acquisition.

“The core revenue for staffing companies is placing people at their customers. When their customers have to close their businesses, they must maintain their internal staff and the hundreds and thousands of temps.” ~CEO of AkkenCloud, Giridhar Akkineni