A Mid-Century Modern Retreat, A Musical Haven During Coachella

Nestled discreetly amidst the palm-lined streets of Indio, the unassuming home on Helen Ave has become a secret haven for musicians seeking refuge during the renowned Coachella Music Festival. This hidden gem has gained popularity as an exclusive retreat, offering seclusion and comfort away from the festival’s bustling crowds.

 As the Coachella Music Festival continues to draw artists from around the world, finding a peaceful escape has become a priority for many musicians. A charming residence tucked away in a quiet neighborhood has emerged as the go-to spot for those in the know.

The property, owned by a former music insider with ties to LA and a passion for hosting, has gained a reputation for its serene ambiance and artist-friendly amenities. Musicians looking for a break from the festival’s vibrant chaos have found solace in the private rooms, spacious common areas, and lush backyard a quick hop from the Coachella music festival.

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, the home stands out as a hidden oasis, offering a unique blend of mid-century charm and modern comforts. The property’s allure lies not only in its location to Coachella but also in the thoughtful design that caters specifically to the needs of musicians. The residence features a secluded private backyard that has become a focal point for relaxation and creativity. With a refreshing pool, comfortable lounging areas, and an abundance of greenery, the backyard provides an idyllic setting for artists to unwind and recharge away from the festival’s bustling crowds.

Inside the mid-century modern home, the atmosphere is enhanced by unique art pieces strategically placed throughout the space. The owner’s commitment to creating an inspiring environment is evident in every corner, with a curated collection that sparks creativity and conversation among the resident musicians.


The kitchen, often considered the heart of the home, becomes a hub of activity and connection. Stocked with culinary essentials, it serves as a communal space where artists share meals, exchange ideas, and forge connections that extend beyond the festival. The informal setting of the kitchen fosters a sense of camaraderie, breaking down barriers and creating an environment where collaborations happen organically.


In the spacious common areas, conversations flow freely, and instruments find their way into impromptu jam sessions. The living room, with its comfortable seating and acoustically friendly design, becomes a stage for intimate performances. Artists find themselves drawn to the magnetic pull of creativity, whether it’s in the form of a soulful melody or the scribbling of lyrics on a notepad. Musicians who have had the privilege of staying in this quiet space praise not only the privacy and comfort but also the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment that fosters collaboration. The residence has seen impromptu jam sessions by the pool, acoustic performances in the stylish living areas.

How something like this comes about can be a mystery, When I asked the owner Patrick, He said “A mutual producer friend knew I owned a home near Coachella, and his label needed a place for Kacey Musgraves family in 2019. Of course, I was happy to accommodate.” “COVID put a damper on our festival traffic but in 2022 We had Carly Rae Jepsen and quite a few others here over the festival month.”

While the list of artists who have sought refuge on Helen Ave remains confidential, rumors suggest that some well-known names have graced the residence during previous Coachella festivals. The unique blend of mid-century aesthetics, artistic ambiance, and a secluded backyard has positioned this home as a sought-after retreat, adding an extra layer of allure to the Coachella experience.

Patrick said the pool area often takes center stage. Reflecting the California sun as musicians soak in its refreshing waters. Surrounding the pool are thoughtfully arranged lounging areas, where artists can unwind with a book, engage in conversations, or simply bask in the serene surroundings. The lush greenery provides a natural barrier, shielding the backyard from prying eyes and creating a sense of intimacy. It’s a space designed not just for relaxation but for fostering creativity. Musicians have been known to gather by the poolside for impromptu jam sessions, the soothing sound of water providing a melodic backdrop to their spontaneous collaborations. The owner said “This past year we had Bad Bunny and his guest stay overnight, and we brought in a large cooler with about 40 cases of Bud Light. That was a unique request, but we are always happy to make our guests happy.”


The living room, bathed in natural light streaming through expansive windows, features a captivating mural that serves as a focal point. The colors and patterns of the artwork seem to dance in harmony with the melodies that often fill the space. It’s not just a residence; it’s a canvas where creativity knows no bounds.

The bedrooms are personalized sanctuaries, each adorned with unique pieces that reflect the owner’s eclectic taste. Musicians staying here find themselves surrounded by inspiration, with every corner offering a new perspective and a fresh burst of creative energy.

As the anticipation for the upcoming Coachella festival grows, so does the mystique surrounding this home on Helen Ave. Beyond the main stage, this mid-century modern retreat stands as a testament to the idea that the most memorable moments often unfold in the quiet corners, where music and inspiration seamlessly intertwine.


When I ask if he mentions this unique aspect of his home on his Airbnb listing, he says “No, we have always been very comfortable with the number of guests we host. Adding something like this might bring in folks who don’t want to just experience a quiet desert get away. We tend to keep our unique guest list to ourselves.

While details remain shrouded in secrecy, the mere possibility that renowned musicians have chosen this home as their retreat adds an extra layer of intrigue to the mid-century modern haven. It’s a story that goes beyond the confines of a typical story, weaving a narrative of artistic expression, collaboration, and the power of hidden gems in a world that often craves the spotlight. This Helen Ave home is more than a location; it’s a canvas where the notes of Coachella’s soundtrack find their unique expression, creating a harmonious blend of music and inspiration that resonates long after the festival lights fade.