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A Sustainable design with jute and coir

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“Let’s take a step-by-step reform to make fashion “valuable” rather a throwaway style. Fashion is powerful yet progressive. Each person is capable of changing the planet and its views. So, let us embrace and educate one other to rethink before purchasing and be more conscious of the things you wear.” – Erlez kuriaksoe

A talented fashion designer who graduated from England has recently designed a sustainable fashion using jute and coir. The designer loves to create and experiment with fashion. The fabrication concept of using jute is that it is 100% bio-degradable, recyclable and thus making it environmentally friendly. Taking into consideration of biodegradable fashion, the fast fashion industry produced tons of garments waste every year, which means that for every item produced, one item will be discarded into a landfill; a zero-waste concept brings much wider hope. she believes clothing is a very important aspect that defines individuals and different perspectives. Fashion indeed has a very important role in the commodity. Fashion has the ability to connect and reshape the world into a new perspective. Every individual has to wear clothes and every piece of clothing that consume has its meaning for an occasion and choice. This is intrinsic to the eloquence of fashion between human relationships to moral needs, thus making it a crucial concern to consider. As seen in recent years, the mainstream of fashion is moving quickly with the trends without considering the environmental impacts.

However, the abstraction of sustainable clothing is being widely accepted by consumers with more people opting to live a sustainable lifestyle. One of the positive developments seen in consumers is during the lockdown, whether bringing a debate to think if it is really necessary to buy more items or rather consume with consciousness. Interestingly enough, the introduction of green fashion will impact a significant impression on the fashion cycle benefiting each person from manufacturing to production and helping to provide better working conditions for the workers. Green fashion is an innovative concept whereby a set of attitudes are integrated with the industry. The clothing industry is shaking into green fashion and great innovations are seen in the recent fashion runways. Furthermore, various diverse ideas are been analysed to recognise the key aspects of the sustainable model. As stated earlier, the grounds of sustainable fashion prove the supposition, that it can eliminate numerous amounts of wastage and pollution from the clothing

manufacturing industry. Theoretically, developing a new sustainable strategy for the fashion cycle with being an exciting practice in the industry.

To engage in sustainable fashion, the first step is to have a positive mindset towards sustainability than just buying less. Moreover, consumers can start simple steps at home, by recycling old garments into new products and running them for a longer periods of time and keeping a conscious mindset while purchasing clothes. Correspondingly, at least around 50% of the garments in the wardrobe are barely worn or not up cycled. Sustainable practice is a simple practice. This is the message to all the enthusiastic sustainable consumers out there to enhance a change in the world, remember that a change always starts within oneself.

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