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A walk in the course of the big leagues

Born in France, but ready to conquer the world. He’s Mohammed Mihami, a young fashion
designer with an incredibly creative mind and the most brilliant ideas a living human being
can come up with when it comes to cinema.

Mr. Mohammed Mihami is a talented Moroccan designer from France with a somewhat
particular and original but glamorous and dazzling style. His passion for fashion grew over
the years through his experiences with film, travel and culture.

From an early age, Mr. Mihami showed love and patience for movies. He spent -and now
spends- his life watching movies and admiring everything that the cinematographic world
means. Motivated by that feeling, he entered the theater game when he was 20 and only a
year later, at 21, he was already discovering the world of Hollywood stars while learning a lot
of things from renowned artists.

Sharing with such stars not only brought Mr. Mihami joy but also inspired him to achieve
greatness and allowed him to look to the greats of the industry to forge his work’s essence
and core values. Also, he was surrounded by many talented people who motivated him to
join their filming to learn much more about cinema’s magic.

In this way, little by little, Mr. Mihami became what he observed from afar: someone talented
with the desire to conquer his dreams and willing to leave his mark on every place he steps.
In a short time, great Hollywood stars offered him incredible opportunities to climb personally
and professionally. Mr. Mihami was promoted on the set of Venom 2, a hit movie directed by
Andy Serkis and starring British acting legend Tom Hardy.

And there is much more to come, as he intends to crush anything in his path while
transforming the way we currently do and watch films.

As most people, Mr. Mihami spent great part of his childhood watching movies. The first title
that captivated him was Jumanji, a classic that reminds us how cinema was in the
unforgettable 90s.

Mr. Mihami was charmed by the way Jumanji portrayed fantasy and the beautiful world of
adventure that humans can enter only through a screen. It was the first sign that told him
cinema would be the most valuable treasure he would discover over the years.

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Then, as he enjoyed more and more shows and films, he became fascinated by the beautiful
work his favorite stars did. He’s a big fan of renowned actors and actresses like Tom Hardy,
Leonardo DiCaprio, Kathrine Narducci, Jessica Alba, Zendaya, Lil Rel Howery, and more.

For that reason, one day, he told himself that he wanted to be in their places and play
incredible roles like them. Mr. Mihami thought how wonderful it is to be able to embody any
character in action or suspense, having the opportunity to live several experiences at the
feet of incredible figures that bring something positive to society: history, art, laughter, hope,
motivation, strength, encouragement, inspiration and more.

In less time than he imagined, he realized that all these things made him want to live to
make movies.

Immersed in an ocean of movies and series, he found another gem: I Am A Legend, the
popular movie starring Hollywood superstar Will Smith. Mr. Mihami immediately felt
connected to the film, mainly because of its protagonist. He has admired and loved Mr.
Smith since he was a child!

Also, Mr. Mihami has a lot of mutual friends with Mr. Smith, so there’s a lot about him that he
already knows and a lot of similar tastes that they both share, including their love for science

Actually, the science fiction universe was one of the factors that motivated Mr. Mihami to
enter the cinema. He loves science fiction and all the stories it can offer viewers who want to
travel to new dimensions and discover the unknown.

Mr. Mihami was also drawn to personality changes in movies, which opened the door to
those endless ideas and possibilities that only a mind as creative as his can harness within
the industry.

When he realized all that the world of cinema has for him, such as incredible stories and
fascinating characters, he decided to break through there to create masterpieces that can
take the pleasure of watching movies to another level.

Yes, Mr. Mihami was inspired by the simple pleasure of watching movies to join the
wonderful cinematic universe. But there’s much more he wants to do.

In the next decade, he sees himself directing and appearing in various movies and series,
expecting to bring that Arabic side that we haven’t seen enough into Hollywood film.
Among other goals, Mr. Mihami is determined to incorporate the most beautiful, salient and
important elements of the rich Arabian culture into American-style productions that reach
every corner of the world. This way, he would be bringing to every person in existence a little
bit of what he loves the most about Arabic territories, people and traditions.

Moreover, he has a clear message to take to current and new generations who can be
inspired by his work: No matter where we come from, we can all be together and do beautiful
things together.

Like sports, cinema can be a clear example that we are stronger when we work hand in
hand and come together to create art, build values and love each other, he said.

Although Mr. Mihami is a young man with many aspirations and big projects on his doorstep,
he has decided to focus on his cinematic career and strive to bring his projects to the most
recognized movie theaters all around the world.

He is not afraid of setbacks, failures, or challenges. Instead, he has met with entrepreneurs
and prominent figures in the cinema industry to leverage every opportunity in his path and
achieve greatness through his passion.

Mr. Mihami believes in his talent, his convictions, experience, determination, and creativity.
He is ready to conquer all his dreams while transforming the beautiful world of film and TV
into something better, more inclusive, and uplifting.

Yes, there’s a touch of mystery and curiosity around Mr. Mohamed Mihami and his incredible
talent, but don’t worry. He knows that many people have many questions about him to
answer, so he has promised to make a movie or find the perfect way to show his entire
journey from his youth to his present, guiding all viewers through the incredible adventure he
has been through and unveiling what has brought him to his current reality to build a
promising future.