Edna Freeman

ADHD and Diversity Explored With Author Edna Freeman’s New Children’s Book, “I Can Be Your Friend! Eu Posso Ser Sua Amiga!”

Continuing with her passion for creating memorable stories full of charming characters, children’s author Edna Freeman has crafted a new tale that explores what living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can feel like for kids. 

Told through the lens of Tina, a little girl with a big imagination and even bigger energy, Freeman shines a light on the difficulties of growing up with the disorder; the challenges of finding friends, staying focused, and choosing the right ways to use all that extra energy… But as the story unfolds, Tina learns how to cope with her ADHD by finding a companion that can match her spirit, and uses her liveliness for exercise, which can have fantastic results for children suffering from mental health issues.


One of the qualities that make the book truly unique is its bilingual approach. Told in both English and the author’s native language, Portuguese, the book’s diversity allows for it to be read and enjoyed by more kids across the globe, achieving one of the author’s main goals:


Growing up in Brazil before moving to San Fransico, she often felt like an outcast because of her background, her own excess energy, and her tendency to daydream a little too much. It was difficult to find friends and books that understood her experience, but since moving to the United States 20 years ago, she’s set out to change that by creating stories that reach diverse audiences and tackle subjects others won’t.

“I Can Be Your Friend! Eu Posso Ser Sua Amiga!” is the latest book that attempts to achieve just that by creating a brand new relatable character in Tina, and showing readers that with the right support, any disadvantage can be turned into a superpower!

Recently diagnosed with ADHD herself, Edna Freeman thanks the disorder for her own active imagination, and hopes to continue to use her experience to tell new stories that reach underserved children.

“I Can Be Your Friend! Eu Posso Ser Sua Amiga!” is available now on amazon.