With the click of every camera and snap of every flash, that is a precious moment captured in a frame until the end of times. Egyptian photographer, Ahmed Sami, has made it his responsibility with just one camera to catch all the blissful moments his eyes can ever set on. Since a very young age, Ahmed Sami had an immaculate passion for photography which was molded into a skill that provided him with the dream he lives today.

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His photography career started off in university when Ahmed Sami would photograph his friends for free as it brought him joy just by seeing other people happy. From there, he started receiving positive feedbacks about his photography skills and would be invited to cover certain events or gigs throughout of Egypt. Little did he know that he was set out to be the best, professional wedding photographer in Egypt.

Today, Ahmed Sami is known for capturing the entire wedding including preparations, memorials, and the before and after instants that lead up to the big moment making him an icon of wedding photography. Ahmed Sami has worked with famous Egyptian football players such as Osama Ahmed El Sheikh, Ahmed Aymen Mansour; and actresses such as Passant Ahmed Siyam. With his detail- oriented mindset of design and fashion from the bride’s wedding dress to the groom’s suit has opened for him countless collaborative opportunities with well-known brands all over Egypt.

Ahmed Sami is also known for his creative and ‘out of the norm’ photography in which one time he had to go into the swimming pool in order to get the perfect angle for a pre- wedding picture. If your wedding photographer is not willing to go to the far ends to capture ‘the’ perfect memory, is he really a photographer?

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Not only did Ahmed Sami build the life of his dreams through his passion for photography, but he also found the love of his life in it. His wife, Manar, is a groundbreaker wedding makeup artist that paints every girl’s dream look into life. Multiple celebrities, influencers, national players, actors and actresses could only trust their special day and memories of love with this dynamic duo as they plan and execute everything with pure love and passion. Ahmed Sami’s friendly and funny yet professional personality is one of the many reasons why he creates a very easy-going and stress-free environment. Alongside photography, Ahmed Sami and his wife have their own restaurant with a twist; they built a photo session theme based courtyard in which people can go, enjoy the food, and still have a private photoshoot at the same time.

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Being Egypt’s best wedding photographer is not only encapsulating valuable moments, but also teaching other people how to do it. He is passing down his knowledge and experience to upcoming, young photographers including lights, gadgets, angles, setting and most importantly interpersonal skills.

His workshops cover all aspects of photography ranging from the theoretical part through which he sheds light on storyboarding for the wedding day and the type of obstacles that a professional photographer can encounter on such an important day and how to solve them, to the on grounds part which embraces an intense visualization of the model within a framework. In addition, he also includes various explanations of what comes after the wedding which is photo editing and highlighting certain features of the image such as the dress, suit or makeup.

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Ahmed Sami is looking forward to expanding his photography career and establishing new collaborations with major production companies in the Middle East as well as hosting an exclusive wedding photography workshop in Dubai this year. Ahmed Sami is a living example of what it means to be driven by passion and that with it, everything is possible.

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