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Ravi Sahay’s May You BE Healthy: Well-Being for Pennies a Day is the timeliest self-help book to come out. During a time when the topic of health is one of the most predominantly talked about, Sahay has provided readers with a gift, sure to help anyone who reads it. 

Today, Sahay is 72 and completely healthy. That was not always his story: he previously suffered a myriad of chronic health issues. He had chronic fatigue, skin issues, suffered a heart attack at 55, just to name a few. This led him to take the reins on his health and start doing his research on well-being. This is how he discovered Ayurveda: an ancient Indian practice meant to purify your body and mind through holistic methods. It’s already been medically proven that inflammation can be the cause of many diseases and conditions. Sahay explores how Ayurveda helps reduce inflammation in our bodies, specifically through our microbiome. 

The concept of “You are what you eat” is true in the sense that we need proper nutrition to keep ourselves in optimal condition. That being said, Sahay shows how Ayurveda is not limited to simply changing your diet and adding some new recipes into your lifestyle. It extends beyond to showing the importance of hygiene, sleep, sunshine, mental health and movement. These are costless elements sure to enhance your life, and Sahay does an excellent job of explaining that to his reader. As the title says, it would cost you “pennies a day” to improve your general well-being. 

We are living in a time where we can see how important your health is, and how easily it can be taken for granted. This is how Sahay provides a unique voice in this field: he is writing from the perspective of someone whose health has been compromised. He isn’t simply lecturing his reader or preaching a trend: he is speaking from experience. This is a vital perspective and offers first-hand proof of the benefits this lifestyle can provide. Ravi Sahay’s May You BE Healthy: Well-Being for Pennies a Day is, as mentioned before, a gift for anyone out there looking to make some simple changes that could make a huge positive impact. 


About the author

Ravi immigrated to the US from India in 1971 with a degree in Electrical Engineering; earned two master’s degrees in EE and business; and rose up the corporate ladder, but his health started to fail. In mid-life, Ravi struggled with several chronic diseases including heart disease and high blood pressure. After his heart attack in 2003, Ravi enrolled in Dean Ornish’s Heart Healthy program where Mimi Guarneri, MD became his Integrative Medicine cardiologist. Dr. Guarneri shepherded Ravi to full recovery. She has written the foreword to his book.

Author, May You BE Healthy & My Health is Your Wealth

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