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“An Upcoming Threat To The Trading Industry” The Private Life of KendellFx

Kendellfx, also known as Kamali, is a well-known figure within the forex and crypto industry. With a total following of 300,000 people across various social platforms, he has garnered much success. His most successful marketing strategy first appeared in 2019, when he publicly predicted the financial markets daily and with a vast majority of the predictions being very accurate. He was thus able to raise the industry’s shock factor. This inherently gained Kendell a lot of attention and he saw a rapid social media growth spike.

Kendell, from Tottenham, North London, is believed to be the UK’s most successful trader under the age of 30, rumored only to be in his early 20s. A personal friend and former classmate from Haringey Sixth Form College described Kendell to be very resilient and destined to succeed despite his tough upbringing.

Although Kendell keeps his personal life quite private, he has not hesitated to share his progress as a professional day trader. He has an undisclosed estimated net worth of £14 million and his opportunistic tendencies have gotten him into an abnormal position of power, befriending and forming alliances with those involved in politics, financial institutions, and a handful of celebrities from London.

As the CEO of Cloud9 Trading Academy, founded in 2020, he has shared his journey with the members of the community and created a mass of educational content alongside his clique, which he calls “Team Cloud9”. The business has successfully generated an estimated £78,000. According to the company website, Kendell plans to revolutionize the Forex trading industry one step at a time. Additional information on other businesses owned is unknown.

Kendell is no stranger to controversy and conflict, being very outspoken with conservative political views and not at all hesitant to put many popular names in hot water. He and his inner circle of traders publicly spoke out about the Astrofx scandal with their unregulated broker, Infinox, which indirectly affected the companies’ ability to profit. Kendell has also run into conflicts with Gurvin Singh, known as Mr.Gurvz, who was exposed via BBC’s Scam City documentary just last year.

Speaking against politically-correct modern-day ideologies has also granted him the exact type of community he was seeking – one that supports him. Being a very unpredictable character has thus played into his chosen role incredibly well.

While there is very little information on Kendell in terms of public appearances, he has supposedly been seen alongside a few London Grime artists in an Instagram story post by a charter plane company. Kendell has stated that, one day, he will be more public about his image but that it’s too easy for social media to build a narrative that fits their desired agenda.

At the time of this article, Kendell seems to have disabled his Snapchat account with over 200,000 subscribers, as well as his Instagram accounts with a total of 80,000 followers. This leaves his only active platform as his Instagram business account, @kendellfx.