Andy Horner

Andy Horner: A go-to person for learning how to deal with mental illness

Andy Horner is just one of many who have benefited from a mental illness by suggesting that it may be reversed. Mental health issues are not a sign of weakness. They are only reactions to the things that have happened to us and those around us. We could experience “anxiety.” It is a common feeling of tension, worry, and fear. Some mental health issues cause us more severe distress and life-related issues.

It is challenging to move on with our life when people deal with mental health issues. They comprise the unpleasant emotions and thoughts that we all experience, such as times of grief, hopelessness, and anxiety. 

Andy Horner is also known as “Anxious Andy” on the internet. His posts about mental health management receive thousands of views, and his Facebook page has over a million followers. 

Andy’s parents did not recognize the anxiety symptoms and thought it was normal for a child to experience them after his parents adopted him at the age of six weeks. 

He was known as the bad boy who refused to attend school, even though he struggled with chronic anxiety. Social services threatened him with being placed in care if he did not attend school.

Andy struggled to make friends at school. He played by himself. Julie, another isolated case in society, grew close to Andy. His anxiousness was ruining his social and academic life. As Andy’s relationship with anxiety got stronger, nothing appeared to change. 

According to Andy’s parents, Andy’s anxiety got stronger after a private school entrance exam, which he failed twice. Despite the difficulties, the parents stuck with their son.

The result was the same as last time. Even though Andy was good at sports and was able to make some friends, he persisted in struggling with academics. Even when the teacher asked him a question as straightforward as “2 x 2,” his nerves prevented him from responding. Even worse, his peers would laugh at him. 

Finally, it got to the point where the school requested Andy to leave because he was making them feel guilty for receiving money from his parents. That required him to part ways with the few friends he had made and start again from scratch.

Andy was returned to a public school after the previous private facility failed to assist. But this time, parents informed teachers about Andy’s difficulties. Additionally, Andy was with two mates to assist in enhancing his well-being. At this point, attempts to work with both parents and instructors were unsuccessful again.

After school, Andy began to develop his social skills by forming friendships. His mental health issues, however, went undetected. In his twenties, he experienced a love affair that lasted only a few years. The girlfriend manipulated the relationship by taking advantage of his mental illness. Andy left the relationship after that and rushed right into another which leads to marriage and having children.

Despite having children, Andy continued to endure emotional and physical violence at the hands of his wife. Sadly, the couple separated, with the wife taking on the task of raising the children. Andy lost his mother after the breakup, and he attempted his life. The grief of especially losing his mother, and children were becoming intolerable. He then managed a suicide attempt. But it also served as a turning moment. Fortunately, Andy was able to use his experiences to find meaning by becoming a mental health activist. 

Influencers like Andy are so dedicated to helping people understand and stop feeling ashamed of their anxiety-related issues.

In terms of this mental illness, Andy’s Facebook message has the potential to change the game. People should therefore visit his page to learn the ways to avoid anxiousness. It is impossible to ignore the many real-world examples of such fatal mental illnesses.