angels in march

Angels in March

Angels in March is an up-and-coming clothing brand based in the United States that uses fashion to convey a message of well-being and positivity. The label has a fashion-driven passion for menswear & womenswear, evident in its premium, sophisticated, and urban designs.

It is not everyday that you come across someone who manages to build a successful business that stands out. Meet Yervand Setoyan, the creative and aspiring mind behind Angels in March. Yervand’s vision for Angels in March is to become a part of people’s lifestyles and introduce a brand that genuinely values its customers. In addition to promoting the importance of living in the present moment.

Impact of Angels in March on traditional clothing brands

Yervand Setoyan has a very different perspective to market the business. He believes that it’s more important than ever to optimize business strategy and allow customers to interact in a deeper and more meaningful way in today’s social climate. The young entrepreneur came up with the idea of an innovative marketing approach true to its name and promotes well-being, happiness, and comfort. Angels In March is a clothing brand that encourages and values living in the present moment with energizing vibes and an approachable style. So what keeps Angels in March ahead of the competition?

Season and episodes

The entire clothing lineup revolves around a unique concept of seasons and episodes that lasts for a limited time. Yervand stated that, “At Angels In March, we like to think of each episode as a moment in time that can never be recaptured.” Thankfully, they don’t stop there! AIM also doesn’t restock, and once the episode is sold out, they move on to another episode with plenty of other innovative drops. You can view the season one collection at

Organic marketing strategies

The brand itself is a representation of the creative ways the company thinks it can promote its product each season. The clothing line is modeled with distinct design elements, signature looks, and a complete sense of style to entice fashion enthusiasts and street wear collectors. AIM utilizes internal resources for organic growth by staying updated with the latest trends, unique design elements, and continuous improvements in quality to better engage with clients. Yervand Setoyan stated he doesn’t believe in bombarding customers with flyers or streams of advertisements that don’t interest them. Instead, they “Promote the business through social presence, word of mouth, and repeat customers in order to attract and retain the target audience,” says Yervand. This method has proven to be incredibly effective at expanding a customer base.

Approach to Health & Wellbeing

Yervand Setoyan revealed the brand is associated with a cause. Following recent reports, 1 out of 5 people suffer from depression and anxiety. Angels in march is designed with the aim of helping people who are often carried away by thoughts throughout the day, which do nothing but cause them to overthink the past or the future.

Angels in March is ambitious to break down mental health stigma by spreading awareness through effective design throughout the products.

The founder is concerned about contributing and participating in self-care activities crucial in creating a healthy foundation for the business, relationships, and personal life.

The inspiration behind Angels in March?

Yervand Setoyan is the brainchild of Angels in March, a brand that finds its origin in the USA. His passion for business and love for the arts became the foundation for his dreams of creating a lifestyle brand. Back in ancient Rome, the year began in March, and a new year represented a fresh start, so the brand name is inspired by the Ides of March. The brand is essentially an angel that reminds us to live each day to the fullest! From our beautiful and stylish apparel to our ever-growing line of accessories, we want to help you find the inspiration and motivation you need to start the year off right. Along with that, we want to use our clothing brand to spread a positive message and inspire people to be their best selves.