Are you planning a USA trip in summer 2022? Here’s why you need travel insurance!

Summer is here, and so is the mood for vacation. USA is one of the favourite destinations of tourists when it comes to spending leisure summer holidays. The country is vast and has lots of incredible sights to offer. But wait! Did you purchase your travel insurance policy before booking a USA summer trip? If you are still wondering about the importance of a US travel insurance policy, this blog is for you. Keep reading.

The US healthcare system is complex and expensive

It is not a surprise that the US has the best medical facilities and treatments globally. However, the treatments in US is costly and may cost you a few thousand dollars, eventually putting you in financial debt or burden. Splurging on medical and hospitalization charges instead of enjoying can ruin your summer vacation. When you have a US travel insurance policy, you can be covered for all the eligible medical expenses and receive cashless treatment.

Illness and accidents can happen anytime

Suppose you book a US summer trip for 20 days. Is there a guarantee that you will be safe and unharmed for these days?  Injuries, illnesses, and accidents can happen anytime that can stop you from having fun during the trip. If you plan to do some adventurous activities or take part in extreme sports, getting US travel insurance is a necessity! A policy can cover transportation to the nearest qualified hospital, eligible injuries, emergency services, emergency medical evacuation, etc.

Members can enjoy additional benefits

A travel insurance plan can offer you trip-related benefits besides medical benefits. Trip cancellation, trip delay, interruption, baggage, personal loss, personal liability, etc., can be covered depending on the plan you choose for a US holiday. Travel-related benefits can save you from financial losses that you have already paid. Flight tickets, accommodations, events, excursions, and more can be reimbursed if the trip is cancelled for a covered reason. The money you have paid for booking the flights and hotels may not go waste if you fail to go on the trip.

Protection from COVID-19

COVID-19 has created massive havoc in the tourism industry. Now, when flights are operating, and the countries have opened their borders, travelling has become less complicated. Nevertheless, purchasing US travel insurance is considered one of the essential aspects of US travel, though not mandatory by law. Some plans can protect you from COVID-19 in case you contract the virus during your stay in the US. Quarantine and medical treatment can also be covered depending on the plan you pick.

Protection from the acute onset of pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions need to be taken seriously, especially if you are travelling with parents or senior family members. However, one thing to remember is that insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. Rather they cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Insurance plans covering acute onset give you the benefit of treating your parents or family members in the US  in the event there is an acute onset of an existing condition. Whether it is a sudden asthma attack or a sudden drop in sugar level, read the brochure to understand how the plan can work for you.

Bottom line!

The US has top-notch medical facilities and treatment, but the expenses can skyrocket. When you are on vacation, you need to focus on leisure, entertainment, and recreational activities, instead of treating illnesses or wounds. As sickness or accidents can crop up anytime, US travel insurance can protect you from unexpected financial losses.

Do you wish to travel to the US this summer? Get a comprehensive travel policy that covers travel and medical benefits. You can also add rider options to make your journey fulfilling. So, do not wait longer, pack your bags, get insured, and fly down to your favourite destination!