Hamburg artist Shuk Orani’s new art project received its public launch on 24 June. Titled Ballindamm 17, or simply B17, the work is prominently located in Hamburg’s Binnenalster precinct. Here, Orani has taken over the building’s ground floor space mid-way through the site’s redevelopment into luxury office and business space, inter- jecting his vibrant and colorful art into the process and into the architecture. A number of Orani’s signature, large-scale abstract-expressionist paintings populate the space; however, the centrepiece of the project is an imposing acrylic mural, over 12 meters long and 4 meters tall.

The weather for the vernissage was mixed, cloudy with both rain showers and sunshi- ne. A suitable atmosphere for anticipating the unveiling of Orani’s new work. Awaiting formalities, the audience began to build, mingling outside the venue with many keen to speak to the artist and others absorbed in scattered conversations. After an hour of casual conversation supported by composer Faton Pollozhani performing at the piano,

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speeches began around 8:15pm with the evening’s host, the actor Karl Gscheiter, welco- ming guests and outlining the concepts behind Ballindamm 17.

The highlight of the evening was the recitation of a text composed for the evening by Munich-based art historian Dr. Sonja Lechner from Kunstkonnex. Read to the audience by Gscheiter and titled “The Path Keeps the Steps”, the text was a fitting accompaniment to the evening’s celebration of Orani’s project. Within the text was a quote from British novelist E. M. Forster’s A Room with a View –

„We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows”. These sentiments nicely reinforced the philosophy of the artist’s practice on display at

Ballindamm 17 where art draws us into conversations about the mutability of our environment and our place within it.

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Speeches were concluded by the artist himself, welcoming visitors and thanking the many individuals who had made Ballindamm 17 possible – a successful evening for the artist, his supporters and the art lovers in attendance. Ballindamm 17 runs until the end of September.

Supporters of this Project:

Organization: Yana Natascha Hagel / Artist assistant: Ray Juster,

Art-Space / Planing: Ardiana Orani – Architect / Documetation: CODO STUDIOS /

Texts: Dr. Sonja Lechner – Art Historian M.A. curator

Music: Faton Pollozhani movie musician / Film and Interview: Janne Juergensen – screenwriter, Director, Editor

visit www.shukorani.com

or mail: info@shukorani.com insta.: shuk_orani