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BLQC: How does a newly crypto mining company jump to 1600% of revenue in its first year?

In 2021, the company decided to focus its operations from a liquor beverage to a crypto mining company. This shift from ISW holdings to BlockQuarry Corporation gave a sky-high growth within one year that cemented its place on OTC USA under market trigger BLQC

Turn-key exchange enables BLQC to provide a modern, clean and easy-to-use trading interface; this gives a clear competitive advantage in crypto mining industry.

What is BLQC?

Currently known as Block Quarry Corporation, the company is providing safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly crypto mining and hosting solutions. The company also utilizes mobile blockchain infrastructure to convert unique identifiable assets to interchangeable digital assets.  For example, identifiable assets like patents and copyrights can be converted into digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFT)

The company has partnered with Bit5ive. Bit5ive is the most successful company in the crypto industry that provides state-of-the-art mining equipment and Bitmain technologies.

Being a small player in the industry, can BLQC offer a rapid return to small and medium-term investors?

Let’s analyze;

BLQC expanding mining infrastructure

After just one year of operation, the company is aiming to target NASDAQ in 2022. With its hybrid mining/hosting model and significantly expanding equipment and property for mining, the total assets rose to 6000%.

One of the primary highlights of assets expansion was the full launch of phase one 20MW hosting infrastructure. This expansion will project $9.5 million of revenue in the year 2022.

With that level of expansion, it will not be a surprise to see BLQC on NASDAQ this year

POD a great deal to cryptocurrency mining

POD can take mining to another level due to its simplicity and cost-effective features. This modular can accommodate over 1MW for crypto mining hardware.

POD is the present and future of the crypto space and BLQC is aware of this technology. The company is expanding capacity to 200MW through their data center called Nexgen POD5. These data centers’ hosting and mining operations facilitate some of the largest bitcoin miners like Bitmain Antminer and Canaan Avalon miner to mine Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

This infrastructure development has started paying big dividends and the company recorded a 1,643% increase in revenue.  This revenue helped to shrink the net operating loss from $ 8.3M to $3.4M in one year.

The highlight of the financial year 2021 was the hike in the net income which rose to $3.55M compared to last year’s loss of $26M. This spike resulted in study cash flow irrespective of doming prices of Bitcoin in the year 2021. 

Is it safe to invest in BLQC?

BlockQuarry have shown significant infrastructure growth and speedy net income recovery.

According to the audited financial statement 2021, despite of the capital deficit of $15M in 2021, the company was able to secure less toxic loans from RB capital. These debt instruments can help recover the capital deficit and steady cash flow operations.

To conclude, under a market cap of 59 Million and a forward-stepping strategy of management can make BLQC a good stock to buy in 2022 that can give a healthy return for mid to long term investors.