Chamco Digital and Partners develop a cutting-edge telemedicine application

A cutting-edge application with a roadmap that’s focused on helping humanity, StableDoc, developed by Chamco Digital and Partners, is pushing the boundaries of technology in the healthcare industry.

We spoke with the Chief Technology Officer of Chamco Digital and Partners N. Jude Nwosu about the development of StableDoc, an application developed to aid in the accessibility of healthcare for people across the globe.

According to N. Jude Nwosu, “The project is really about the future of healthcare implemented and delivered today. It’s not just a product that enhances the image of our company, but it serves humans as well as contributes to the development of societies across the globe.”

Chamco Digital and Partners developed StableDoc through the implementation of cutting-edge blockchain technology on an artificial intelligence-driven telemedicine application. N. Jude Nwosu says, “It is a telemedicine application, in-home health, and standard hospital services, to deliver evidence-based cross-boundary health care to patients.”

When looking to the future of this application, there is a heavy emphasis on the accessibility of healthcare to people in developing countries. “It’s a product that gives people from across the globe, people that don’t have access to prime healthcare, access to care in developed countries like the United States and in Canada, and other westernized countries,” says N. Jude Nwosu.

To make this dream a reality, Chamco Digital and Partners is looking into the world of augmented and virtual reality. N. Jude Nwosu says, “What’s very interesting about this project are our plans to introduce AR/VR, that’s augmented reality/virtual reality into the product.”

Through the addition of augmented/virtual reality, Chamco Digital and Partners hope to bridge the gap in accessibility in moments when people cannot physically access their physicians in other countries due to travel restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, or for political and economic reasons.

“Patients around the globe could be somewhere in Africa, or Asia and can have access to doctors in the US, Canada, England or India; basically, physicians in the Western world and developed countries via the app,” says N. Jude Nwosu.

Another cutting-edge area the company is planning to introduce on the StableDoc app is virtual/augmented reality. Doing so enables the patients to have virtual clinic sessions with their physicians. “With the optimization provided by these advanced technologies, they can utilize the apparatus that will be provided to specific institutions, depending on where they are to have a virtual meeting with a doctor,” says N. Jude Nwosu.

And through this, there can be the establishment of a virtual physician’s office through simulation that clients would be able to receive virtual care. According to N. Jude Nwosu, “Doctors here in the US can visit the patients based somewhere in a remote third-world country, utilizing the virtual/augmented reality feature, and they can simulate a situation where they’re in the same office with a doctor.”

Through the development of StableDoc, Chamco Digital and Partners are able to help humanity receive high-quality care without having to leave their countries. “StableDoc is one project that I’m very proud that we are building and participating in,” says N. Jude Nwosu.