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Daniel Krylov, creative director of architectural bureau CULT STROY, about the things and people that inspire him

For you, what does Inverted House mean?

Everybody can discover their ability to change for the better in the Inverted house, a location of infinite human possibilities.

Who are some of the modern artists who inspire you?

FELIPE PANTONE, Matthew Williams and Virgil Abloh are three people who inspire me.

Which cities will you be putting your creative initiatives into practice?

TheInverted house will be implemented across the board, according to the worldwide strategy.

What literature motivates you?

Divine Comedy by Dante. The only book that truly impressed me was one that described every inch of Hell in great detail. I make an effort to incorporate the knowledge I’ve gathered about such detail into my projects, and frequently it works.

Where do you get inspiration in the world?

I get my inspiration from New York’s multiculturalism; it’s fascinating to see hundreds of thousands of individuals who are completely different from one another but who are nonetheless brought together by rather commonplace activities, like watching sports or movies.

What genre of music inspires you to be creative?

For me there isn’t a particular style or music. I wear headphones for 90% of the day and have a ton of playlists for different activities. Flume, Jamie XX, and tracks by Young Thug or Travis Scott are great for picture shoots if you need to think of a new idea.

What is the motto of your life?

Every day, I “turn my world,” which I accomplish by going above and beyond, enhancing something, or inventing something new.