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Dreamer today, singer always. Nathan Junior and music, a family story

Nathan Junior MANIRATANGA, is a 21-year-old gospel singer, born in Bujumbura in the commune of Rohero. The eldest of a family of 4 children, he was surrounded from an early age by musicians and singers like his cousins, his uncle who is one of the emblematic stars of Burundian music, the singer Baby John.

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In this musical environment, he discovered his talent at the age of 5 and it was from that day that his career began. Of a fighting nature, he begins slowly by collaborating with certain gospel artists like Big Zoé in his project “Kuri beat”, in songs such as “Halleluya”, “Ingabire” and others… “Blessings”, first single and a message of hope and celebration of victory in Christ. The first track released by the singer is entitled “Blessings”, with a clear message: “I wanted to help people who are in difficult times, to tell them that there is a glimmer of hope, that it is normal and that God can change them” says Nathan.