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Exclusive feature on Dr. Nabil CHITI

Founded in 1940, the American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR) is an international, multidisciplinary association of scientists engaged in all areas of biomedical and patient-oriented research. The AFMR is proud to have among its members six Nobel laureates. The researcher Dr. Nabil CHITI is one of the first elected member of the AFMR  in Africa.

Dr. Nabil CHITI is illustrated in these scientific researches in the field of hydrogen therapy in South Korea. The researcher Dr. Nabil CHITI and who holds more than seven  certificates from the prestigious HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL and 12 certificates from the Stanford University was able to reach in the city of Incheon in South Korea the level of hydrogen saturation of 1561ppb a level which gives this type of super hydrogenated water an Antioxidant power exceed the amount of antioxidants that exist naturally in 2200 bananas.

Today there are more than 1000 scientific studies on the clinical applications of molecular hydrogen on more than 170 human diseases.

Dr Nabil CHITI is also the CEO of Tory Holding company in London.

Tory Holding is proud to have the world’s first device with triple hydrogen function (healing,drinking and hydrogen bath) which is patented in Japan and South Korea.

Tory Holding is planning for 2023 to open a new company Tory USA for the north america market.

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy is considered by many leading scientists and research institutions as “The Miracle of Science”.