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Exclusive feature on Mohammed Gaber aka (Moe Ji One)

Mohammed S. Gaber also known as (Moe Ji One), was born in Sudan, Om Durman, 1996, the 2nd of March. He lived there for only 5 years before his family that were only his parents at the time decided to travel and start a greater life.

There was the start of Mohammed S. Gaber aka Moe Ji One.

An Entrepreneur, one that is way ahead of his time.

You have seen so many entrepreneurs managing different activities. Introducing moejione, an entrepreneur and photographer. He owns a US-based company called MLO Technologies. He also owns a brand called L & O Apparel. Mohammad S. Gaber has excellent photography skills. He has an online photo library, where he shares his photo ideas and photos. He advertises for many local brands such as Pepsi, DEEM Perfume and &Secret.

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You know entrepreneurs and photographers, you need to have a deep passion. Work ethic and passion are inextricably linked. Work ethic is needed to keep a company strong, and. passion is needed to feel motivated enough to maintain a valuable ethic. I believe that passion is. the most important personality trait of a successful entrepreneur. and there is a clear reason. Mohammad S. Gaber is successful because he does what he likes. Have you ever earned an A with a passion for school projects? This sense of accomplishment is irreplaceable, and this is how Mohammad Gaber saw great results from. his work.


Successful companies are often built from the wild creativity of. creators. In today’s fierce competition, Mohammad S. Gaber was forced to come up with creative ideas that would make his company stand out. Creativity means coming up with unique business ideas. It. also works when. a relationship is found between two unrelated things to solve a problem. Mohammad S. Gaber believes that. traditional solutions may not be sufficient. That’s why he’s creative and different from others.

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Full of curiosity

Photography and entrepreneurship are. two areas where you. never end. You have to learn new ideas every day. Mohammad S. Gaber wants to learn new ideas and technologies. He translated his ideas into his photographs, people love his attitude, and they also like his online photo library. Such experience makes him very versatile. You saw it, went through it, and learned it all before. He has only one social media account. on Instagram called moejione. He manages his account very thoroughly. Follow him on Instagram to see his new photo plans and ideas.