Lucia Matuonto

Exclusive Interview with Lucia Matuonto

Lucia is the host of The Relatable Voice Podcast, Uncut with Lucia and the author of Zoe The Crab book series and Out Of The Box- A New World.

Lucia, you are a writer, podcaster and producer. Where does your creativity come from?

My mind never stops and I am constantly coming up with new ideas. It can happen when I’m walking in nature, or just going to sleep, the idea will just happen. I’ve always been called a daydreamer, so creativity just seems to flow naturally for me. When the idea comes up, I will drop everything, sometimes even mid-conversation, to write it down so I don’t forget it.


What is your creative process?
I usually start with the characters. I actually draw them and start from there. Once the characters are created, I start thinking about their personalities, what they’re like, what they want, where they live… From there, the plot starts to develop. Many people usually start with the plot, but I just start with the characters. I never know how the story is going to end as I write it. The ending always fittingly comes at the end of my process.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration almost anywhere. Just by seeing the world around me when I go for a walk, whether it is nature, animals or the people around me. I have also been especially inspired by my young patients from my work as a physiotherapist.

Also, I paint a lot, and painting inspires me because I create my characters first, and I paint them. From there, I start writing about their personalities, the way they behave… and the character is born.

How can you work on so many things?

My brain works all the time. Ideas keep popping in my mind and I feel that I need to stop and write and develop that idea. I spend half of the day creating ideas and the other half putting those ideas in motion.

Did you have difficulties when you started?

The only challenge I experienced was some people’s skepticism regarding my ability to run a podcast in English, which isn’t my native language.

But at the same time, that motivated me to continue and keep at it. Now that I’m

doing it, I don’t ever want to stop – I hope to keep interviewing people forever.

What is next for you?

I am creating an anthology with 11 authors.

The idea behind this anthology will be a collection of short stories all designed to make the reader smile. I was inspired by the resilience our world has shown after this pandemic, and how I think we can add some positivity, or even a light distraction, amidst this crazy time.

An added bonus would be that we could all reconnect as Relatable Voice alumni, having all been guests on the show.

Where can we connect with you?

My website: Instagram: the_relatable_voice Twitter: LMatuonto