Faten Zein

Faten Zein: The Lifeline of Shabebik

Women are society’s actual engineers and planners.

A new wave of feminine tenderness has emerged out of solutions offered by women to deal with the great challenges facing the world.

“Shabebik” Association is a charitable, cultural, and social association headed by Mrs. Faten Zein.

Mrs. Faten Zein, the founder of “Shabebik” and a previous director of a department in the private sector, decided to dedicate her time to this humanitarian work and serve Lebanese society by all available means after she nominated herself to the Lebanese Parliament in 2018. After seeing the suffering around her, she decided to take an indefinite leave from her work and commit her time to help poor and needy families to provide shelter, food, medicine, clothes, and other requirements to cover all their needs.

Mrs. Faten Zein Stated: The idea of the “Shabebik” association was born out of pain after seeing the suffering that society is going through. I founded the association with several young men and women, among the finest members of society, and our slogan was: “Behind every closed door are windows being opened.”

Since its inception, the association has been working based on social development and seeks to achieve its goals by serving Lebanese society to improve the standard of living at various social, service and cultural levels. The female volunteers of the “Shabebik” association worked to support the activities of the association so that it now includes several departments: Health Department, Social Department, Women empowerment Center, Educational programs and Health Education Department, and Financing Activities Department. These sections are funded by voluntary contributions from individuals. 

Believing in the need to build a brighter tomorrow for our society, “Shabebik” began its journey in Beirut with the implementation of various projects in March 2018.

We started in the city of Beirut and now we are across Lebanon.




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