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First to market – Croatian startup that has taken the internet

You may be shocked when you hear that there is a possibility to turn your breastmilk into jewelry, which then becomes a keepsake that commemorates the unique bond formed between the child and the mother. And, further more, now you’re also able to make your own breastmilk and DNA jewellery at home, thanks to an Croatian startup that has taken the internet!

For any startup founder, the pressure of launching first is real― it’s not just about the right product, it’s also about right timing and deep market research. But when you find out that the market is ready, you can persue your dreams in a smart way!
With measurable goals and a good marketing plan to back up the strategy, Ivona from “White heart keepsakes” slipped into EU market with first “DIY breastmilk jewellery kit”, accompanied with very first “DIY pet remembrance kit” to global market, and won the sympathies of many breastfeeding moms and pet owners not just from Europe, but from the whole world.

Did you believe in your idea from the start?

Yes, cause I knew it will be an awesome product! But, when you’re about to put large amounts of money into a new business, you have to do some research first. For almost a year, in complete silence, I’ve been working on needed research, marketing plan, and even logistical support (each kit containes products from 4 different countries). Market research blends customer behavior to confirm and improve your business idea, so it’s crucial to understand your customers. Breastmilk DIY jewellery kits are truly the first of their kind in EU (although breastmilk jewellery industry does exist), so I needed to establish an entirely new market, and it wasn’t easy. But I knew it was worth it. Because you see, DNA jewellery, and especially the one that you make yourself, is not just a piece of jewellery. It’s a legacy. A pendant that you’ll cherish forever. So yes, I believed in my product from the start and I fully stand behind it. And what is most important, people can feel it, too.
People are not interested in being sold things. They want to buy solutions. They want you to help them make an educated buying decision. If you trust your product, customers will see the passion you have, and they will realize that buying your product is the best decision they are going to make. It makes it so much easier when you are selling a product that you believe in.

Is it easier to work with no competition?

Well, although I know I am first, you must be aware that competition exists in every market. There are a few companies in EU who will gladly turn your breastmilk into pendant, so actually we are in the same industry. The difference is: with these kits you’ll be 100% sure that you’re using your own milk, you can make up to 7 pendants for the price of 1, and it will be much more precious to wear it when you know you did it by yourself! Of course, I need to mention very fast shipping, too, cause there is no need to send your milk to anyone. So, actually there is some kind of competition, and I’m not trying to nullify the effect of competitors in order to increase marketshare. Competition helps you to stay sharp and ambitious, so it’s good! But standing out from competition is even better.

What is your marketing strategy?

Marketing is not just advertising, you need to have empathy, too. Empathy is an important part in the success of any product, even when it’s innovation, for several reasons. First of all, if you understand people’s problems, you can show them solutions. And if you are being honest, you can earn their trust.
I’ve been using different kinds of metrics during the product development, but it’s not any less important to use them during the product introduction. It’s nice to gain first-mover advantages, but you need to create long term brand awareness, too. It’s a step by step process. The quote by Phillip C. McGraw “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” is the one that often puts my mind at ease.

You were able to keep it as a secret for almost a year?

Yes. I don’t like making announcements, and overall I rarely share my moves. I prefer showing results.
Less then 5 people knew about it (only my closest family), and less than 10 people alltogether knew I was working on something, but they didn’t know what it is. It’s a good opportunity to thank a few people out of those 10, cause some of them helped me without asking questions. They have no idea it was all the support that I needed!

Ivona’s products are placed on the market and available for distribution after you sign up for her pre-launch campaign. You can check it all here https://diybreastmilkjewellery.com and join the waitlist!

A great idea plays a big role in creating a successful startup. And for the last years more than ever, women-led innovations, entrepreneurship and startups are coming up with innovative concepts, taking risks and proving us all it’s not always true that buyers tend to stay with what they know! Buyers are definately willing to buy something new – but only if you introduce them with that correctly.
With “White heart keepsakes” and “Ra’s legacy”, Ivona is showing us she’s doing exactly that. Combined with a lot of glitters!