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For Sisicao, the beautiful hostess, Getting Old Is a Thing of the Past

Sisi Cao, the founder of “Forever 25 Lifestyles”- the secret of the high-end skincare brand, stimulates the vision that beauty is within reach of every woman and creates innovative products and packaging that women not only need but have always desired.

Because of her generous and selfless nature, Ms. Sisi has always thought of helping others in all possible ways. She is a passionate supporter of women, women’s rights and being a woman. She knows the meaning and importance of “Beauty.”

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“Beauty fades away with time”, this perception encouraged her to meditate and find a solution for it. The great philanthropist not only did worldly research but also seeked help from the holy book “the bible” and finally found the answer that “the Renewal of Beauty and Youth is not a dream but a promise from God.” It resulted in her developing cosmetics that can fulfill the beauty demands of all women.

Sisi is also a renowned Tv hostess. She had worked in China’s South East Tv station and had the honor of red carpet hosting the 77th Golden Globes Awards. In collaboration with her husband, she owns SPEC Entertainment, known for being one the top Entertainment providers, they are bridging the culture between Hollywood and China. This advantage helped her to interview a vast number of Top Hollywood Celebrities.

Sisi communicated that her hostess profession was one of the main reasons for launching the brand “Forever 25 Lifestyle”. Because of the nature of this job, she was  has met several celebrities worldwide and women of all religions, who have communicated their  “fear of aging.” This thought inspired her to create innovative makeup products that can be long-lasting and economical, so women of all the communities can afford.

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Like many other -women, Sisi Cao has been persistent and enthusiastic about maintaining her youth and beauty. After doing a lot of research and exposure to the world, she explored that some women are still beautiful and energetic with age. However, she also discovered that many other women who, despite using the most expensive skin care products available, are not so lucky. She, therefore, became committed to unlocking this secret.

Being a strong lover of beauty and fashion, she says using Forever 25 Lifestyles enhances a women’s beauty. She says, “This is my beauty and youth secret. I am not just using. I am living it; it’s a lifestyle!”

The trademark application FOREVER 25 LIFESTYLES was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Friday, October 29, 2021.

Being the founder of the latest, unique and beautiful anti-ageing journey, Ms. Sisi is looking forward to creating both a domain and a new industry, forever engraving her mark in beauty, cosmetics, and the role of women in business. Her entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to innovation, quality and excellence, and the beauty and power of all women remain the soul of the brand in this modern era.

Focused on quality and driven by fashion, Ms. Sisi is continuously engaged in developing new skincare products that enhance a women’s beauty, resulting in a sense of inner beauty. For more details about her.Please visit her Instagram account Sisi_Cao .