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Forget Your Self-Driving Car, Get a Self-Driving Life

ooverse and the “Autonomous Living” Industry

It’s not difficult to understand the inspiration behind the invention of self-driving vehicles. For most, our lives are busy, stressful, and sometimes exhausting. Now, with the option of self- driving vehicles, people can enjoy their ride, catch up on some work, or relax while they sit back and let the car take charge of their trip. But, most importantly, the driving force behind the invention of self-driving vehicles is the increased level of safety when human error is removed from the equation. According to Consumer Reports, “Research shows that 90 percent of crashes are caused by human error. That’s why…every major automaker is increasingly focusing on systems that allow the vehicle to become a partner in the drive by monitoring a car’s surroundings, warning the driver of danger, and even taking control of the car in some situations.”

Led by Tesla, Waymo, and a few other companies, developments in autonomous driving technology have been nothing short of impressive. These vehicles are now equipped with a multitude of lasers, high-tech cameras, various radars, ultrasonic sensors, and artificial intelligence. The data gathered is collected and interpreted by the car’s CPU to create a safe driving experience.

Imagine taking the underlying machine learning technology in a self-driving car and applying it to life in general. With the same goals in mind: decreasing the ability for human error and providing increased productivity and overall convenience, the autonomous living industry is coming at us full speed ahead. One US startup, ooverse, is paving the way in this newly- developing industry. Much like the technology in self-driving vehicles, people in ooverse train a personal AI advisor, allowing them to initiate an autonomous living feature. The benefits and applications for individuals and organizations within the ooverse ecosystem will be profound, life-altering, and the first of its kind.

For some, this idea may seem unattainable at first glance. However, ooverse aims to apply social physics, machine learning, and even epigenetics to accomplish this transformative objective. By creating an engaging social space and a universal marketplace in which everything can be crowdsourced, ooverse can support wide-ranging activities in your everyday life. And those activities will be directed to train AI so profoundly and precisely that it will have the knowledge, understanding and capability to be your personal advisor. Then, you can engage the autopilot feature as and when you choose.

Let’s consider some specific applications of this technology in two hugely important aspects of life.

Health and Nutrition

We live in a world where we have endless options for the food we put in our bodies. Currently, we have options for tracking what we eat with the ability to focus on specific macronutrients, including calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. However, to focus on your overall health and nutrition, you should also account for micronutrients, vitamin and mineral intake. Unfortunately, tracking this information on your own becomes increasingly complex, time-consuming, and often overlooked by a majority of society.

This is where your AI advisor comes into play, and you can see life-changing benefits for your overall health.

Your AI advisor can compute and analyze the micronutrients needed to provide a balanced diet based on your particular biological and social circumstances. It can generate a shopping list or suggest meal options based on your needs. Your AI advisor can automatically order the necessary groceries while considering your current food budget and schedule a pickup from the closest grocery store at a time that fits your schedule as determined by your calendar. Your AI advisor can provide knowledge of your overall health while also completing tasks that would be time-consuming and stressful.

Undoubtedly, those in the ooverse would benefit significantly from this specific scenario.

Personal Relationships

Our relationships are essential aspects of our busy lives and can often be challenging to manage and prioritize. In ooverse, your AI advisor takes care of the tedious aspects of beginning, developing, or maintaining relationships which provides you more time to focus on the parts that truly matter, like genuine connection and interaction. In a world where more and more couples are meeting over dating apps, it can sometimes feel like a full-time job to search, swipe, and initiate conversations with people who have the potential to be a good match. After sufficient training, you sit back and allow your AI advisor to implement its deep understanding of your relationship preferences to do the swiping for you.

Once a match is generated, your advisor can initiate a conversation on your behalf, having been trained to understand how you communicate. You can then step in at any time and resume the conversation on your own. Once you have reached a point where you need to find time to meet up with a date, old friend, or family member, your AI advisor will contact the individual on your behalf and find a time in your schedule that works for everyone. In addition, your AI advisor can make reservations and communicate any changes to those you are meeting and to the restaurant on your behalf.

At this point, your mind should be spinning as you begin to think of all the areas your AI advisor could step in to benefit your life. The possibilities are indeed endless. The benefits for individuals, organizations, and governments are much more than we can fathom at this point.

What we can do—perhaps what we should do—is look forward to a future when we can sit back and truly enjoy the safe ride of a self-driving life.


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