French X Josh coke boys 6

French Montana Drops New album and brings on JoshPele Magic to collaborate on uniquely promoting it

French Montana is known for his distinctive style that blends hip-hop, pop, and trap music. He has recently released his 6th instalment of the Coke Boys mix tape. two versions of Coke Boys 6, one with 20 tracks and the Money Heist Edition with 29 tracks, came out simultaneously on release day. The Coke Boys are comprised of rappers Cheeze, Max B, DThang, who are some of the original Coke boys and now include the newly signed Kenzo B, Chinese Kitty, T Dot, Stove God, Ayoub and the late Chinx.

As a standalone, the Coke Boys are not quite yet as popular as French himself, as a result the album called in a few other large names including A$AP Rocky and Smooky MarGielaa (“Chit Chat”), Rob49 (“Igloo”), Jeremih (“Choose You”), Benny the Butcher (“RZA”), Big 30 and EST Gee (“Free Smoke”), and Nav (“Fenty”) for some bigger looks.

With a huge project coming out and a mission for greatness, French and team consistently think outside of the box with how to grow and expand the brand and exposure of the team. With this goal in mind, they added an unexpected element to the promotion of their album. The team brought on Celebrity Magician and Mentalist JoshPele Magic to curate and create unique magic tricks for the promotion of the album and several of the music videos. This poses the question where did they get this idea from? and who is this magician?

As part of the push of the album, French and crew had an album release party at one of New York City’s hottest nightclubs, Nebula, run by owners Yao Gang and Richie Romero who have beautifully crafted a must visit 10,000-square-foot venue that is always packed and a hot spot for celebrities.

During the party, French and team were approached by JoshPele Magic who had brought out some of his signature routines that stunned French Montana and the audience of Nebula. After seeing the success this nightclub magician’s art played in the club, Zay Jones, French’s Creative director, and a man who has a mind for creative ideas and a history of successful projects, realized that this could be the perfect X factor for the album and decided to bring JoshPele Magic on to create routines and effects catered to the album.

JoshPele Magic has been seen performing for many popular artists in the past including J Balvin, Martin Garrix, Vanilla Ice, Rich The Kid, Run DMC, and many more. He has a harmonious blend of custom and unique routines that create a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

Since this party, JoshPele shared a video, making a paper art portrait of French Montana and talking about the album, the video also included one of the songs from the album “Yes I do” playing in the background.

 JoshPele has been working closely with Zay and his team by creating various promotional videos and even went out into Times Square and did street magic with his newly engineered Coke Boys 6 routines as well as attending and doing magic at some of the music video shoots.

No further details have been made public about this collaboration, and when we get to see more of this collaboration. But, given the amazing response, we can expect more of this collaboration, especially as the audience wants more.