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Inside the Beltway: Historian sees hidden benefit to GOP in Trump indictment

Former President Donald Trump’s appearance in a New York City courtroom on Tuesday has an unexpected benefit for the Republican Party amid all the media frenzy and biased politics, according to presidential historian Craig Shirley. It could help the GOP polish up an improved image at a very pivotal time.

Mr. Shirley, who has written not one but four biographies of Ronald Reagan plus two bestselling books tracking America during the pivotal 1940s, offers this perspective from a historical viewpoint:

“The Republican Party has gone through many permutations in its long history — from an anti-slavery party to a pro-universal suffrage party, to a protectionist party to a free trade party to a isolationist party to an internationalist party — and from a federalist party to a federalism party. And now, because of the persecution of Donald Trump by a corrupt government official, the Republican Party has emerged as an anti-government corruption party,” Mr. Shirley said in a written statement to the Beltway.

He predicts this new identity and an expanded mission could underscore a positive Republican image at a pivotal time.

“Government corruption shows up across the nation at all levels — and being for reform and clean government on behalf of the American people will make the GOP a potent force to deal with going into 2024,” Mr. Shirley said.

He also noted that this brisk and effective calling will be especially handy when Republicans confront the liberal national media, President Biden and the current administration.


A group of young Republicans are determined to show their support for former President Donald Trump on Tuesday when he heads for an appearance in a New York City courtroom.

The New York Young Republican Club will rally for the president in Manhattan, staging what they strongly emphasize is a “peaceful protest” against the unprecedented legal situation. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Republican, will rally with the group.

“Our nation careens toward tyranny at an unprecedented pace. An impudent cabal of radical figures abandons all propriety in their dogged attacks on President Donald J. Trump. We have taken a decisive step away from the values that define our national character,” the club said in a written statement sent to Inside the Beltway.

“Radical leftist interests, beholden to an elite, internationalist cabal have taken the unprecedented step of indicting President Donald J. Trump, the leading candidate for the 2024 presidential election,” the statement said.

“President Trump embodies the American people — our psyche from id to super-ego — as does no other figure; his soul is totally bonded with our core values and emotions, and he is our total and indisputable champion. This tremendous connection threatens the established order. The fix has always been ‘in’ against our president, but his motivation and love for the American people drove him to pursue the national excellence that his unique vision perceived lay within our reach. In doing so, he opened so many eyes to reality,” the statement continued.

The club itself was founded in 1911 — and counted then-President William Howard Taft as the guest of honor at its first gala that year. The club traces its roots back to an earlier organization — the New York Young Men’s Republican Union — founded in 1856.


Self-described political outsider and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy launched a podcast titled “The Vivek Show” on Monday. It is part of his mission to “close the gap between what people are willing to say in public and what they say in private,” he said in a statement shared with Inside the Beltway.

Mr. Ramaswamy’s guests during his first week include former U.S. Attorney General William Barr, conservative commentator Dave Rubin, “War on the West” author Douglas Murray, radio host Dana Loesch, “Levi’s Unbuttoned” author Jennifer Sey, author and cultural commentator James Lindsay — among other notable guests.

“Career politicians read talking points from a briefing binder, but we’re doing things differently: full transparency,” Mr. Ramaswamy said in a written statement.

“I’m pulling back the curtain on the entire campaign process. You’ll hear me in deep conversations with some of the most thoughtful and outspoken leaders in America, and you’ll see firsthand what it takes to become President of the United States. We’re on a journey to answer the most pressing question of our time: what it means to be American today,” he said.

“The Vivek Show” is a daily podcast available on Apple, Spotify, Rumble, YouTube, and all major podcast hosting platforms.


Applause please, for the Defense Department, which is applauding those in its very youngest ranks.

“This April, we honor the 1,602,261 military children, youth and teens serving alongside our nation’s service members,” Patricia Montes Barron, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Military Community and Family Policy, said in a statement.

“Our military kids bring joy to our hearts, and we work hard to ensure they have access to the support and resources they need,” she said.

Military families move every two to three years on average, and military children change schools an average of six to nine times from the start of kindergarten to their high school graduation, this according to the Defense Department itself.

Take a peek at the plans in a section titled “It’s Month of the Military Child” found at


• 48% of U.S. adults think there will be higher gas prices six months from now; 62% of Republicans, 50% of independents and 32% of Democrats agree

• 25% think the gas prices will remain the same; 18% of Republicans, 21% of independents and 36% of Democrats agree.

• 12% think there will be lower gas prices; 8% of Republicans, 10% of independents and 18% of Democrats agree.

• 15% are not sure what direction the gas prices will take; 11% of Republicans, 18% of independents and 14% of Democrats agree.

SOURCE: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted March 26-28.

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