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Introducing The Afroseas

Supa Massie, Is a Sierra Leonean artist based in Hong Kong he is the leading vocalist of THE AFROSEAS, He is comfortably enjoying the limelight in the Afrobeat genre in Asia and Africa, leading up with multiple releases of songs like “Ayee” tender loving, Rotate, coupe decale, baby na fire Which makes a lot of waves around the world.

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FULL NAME: Alhaji Massie Kallon

STAGE NAME: Supa Massie

NATIONALITY: Sierra Leonean, based in Hong Kong

GENRE: Afropop, Afrobeat, rap.

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Supa Massie is one of the most popular Sierra Leonean artists in Hong Kong and Asia pacific And they are the biggest Afrobeat group in that region, As if that is not enough, their songs, is sure to successfully cross borders. Alongside his Rwanda friend, Trisyo – in the same music group, They have been performing lately in some events in Hong Kong before the lockdown of the covid 19.
They are about to drop their EP soon Which consists of 8 tracks in the EP.