Jay Laurent

Jay Laurent’s Lessons Learned From Fame And Fortune

Every successful entrepreneur has experienced the rollercoaster of opening a business, from the high of a first sale down to suffering from costly mistakes. But what separates great leaders in the industry from the rest of the pack is how they learn something from each success and failure to learn and grow in the next project.

In a world of trial and error, Jay Laurent has seen his fair share. A rising star in the business world with a portfolio of more than $10 million to his fanbase of six million followers across social media, his journey was not without its struggles.

Jay grew up in Monterey, California, right on Pebble Beach. It’s a place pulled from a picture book, but not every day felt that way. Jay struggled in high school. A traditional classroom setting didn’t cater to how his brain functioned and learned. So at 15-years-old, he dropped out.

“I never let school get in the way of my education,” said Jay Laurent. “I chose an entirely different lifestyle that instantly separated me from most 15-year-olds.”

Just because the school bus didn’t pick him up in the morning didn’t mean Jay wasn’t done learning. Instead of mathematics and social studies, he enrolled in accredited business courses. He learned all aspects of building a business by learning sales, scaling, and ethics.

Even after making his first million, Jay, now 25, knows he doesn’t have all the answers figured out. There’s always room to improve. But, he’s surrounded himself with the brightest minds and mentors in Beverly Hills, from politicians to other successful business leaders, to gain as much knowledge as possible.

In today’s world, it’s becoming less about what you know and more about who you know.

It’s no secret that starting a business takes work. Months of planning, budgeting, and execution just to finally open the doors. But now the real work begins. Whether you’re a small business owner or scaled several companies into a multi-million dollar operation like Jay Laurent, the workload doesn’t change.

“All the early mornings, late nights, feelings of self-doubt, and calculated risks that people don’t see,” he said.

Jay, who famously goes by “sendwires” on social media, says despite his success so far, he works upwards of 14 hours per day to sustain his ventures. He believes there is no substitute for hard work.

Often referred to as a “hired gun,” Jay Laurent has earned a reputation as the go-to guy to help companies overcome some of their most difficult challenges.

But perhaps the most important life lessons he gained from his ten-year career in business happened on the very first day. You must take risks. Dropping out of high school is no easy decision. Many, like his teachers, might see that as throwing your future away. But Jay saw an opportunity to chase a dream.

“Don’t let someone with a $40,000 salary talk you out of your dreams, take risks,” Jay Laurent said.

Some risks pay off, and some don’t. That’s the nature of business. But if Jay Laurent has learned anything in his first decade as an entrepreneur, it’s that taking risks, building relationships, and having an unwavering work ethic can take you places you only dreamed possible.