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Kirin Metaverse – The disruptive startup and portal to the metaverse

The past several months have come to show a truer image of the cryptocurrency industry. A Thor-sized sledgehammer has delivered a massive blow to the overvalued landscape brought on by an over-levered and unregulated market – and it’s about damn time!

Regardless of how rocky it may seem right now, the future of the internet is the metaverse. Big players are making a name for themselves, and we are witnessing new economies open up on a global scale in some of the most remote parts of the planet, however, the adoption of blockchain technology by the masses is still facing roadblocks.

Arguably, the most notable barrier to entry into the metaverse is the incredibly complex learning curve needed to participate, and the lack of educational information further compounds this intimidating process. Secondly, current metaverses are not social. Gamers cannot simply interact and converse with each other in a seamlessly integrated fashion.

 They are all wandering around, together but alone, looking at the scenery, buying land and avatar pieces, but without personal interactions or meaningful communication, and with no community engagement within the immersive virtual world.

Solutions in this fast-paced environment will and are entering the ring at lightspeed, so falling in line behind a particular project should come with plenty of due diligence. The current bear market is actually a good thing in that it’s likely to shake out the “bad actors” who are more focused on getting rich quickly than on building their projects. Several recent projects have been successful in representing the current state of the market through NFTs, but this only provides a temporary distraction. However legit these projects are (which is a pretty big deal), they are still distractions because they lack utility or a use case in the future.

The floor price of most current NFT projects is PFA (Plucked From Air) and built on hype, which is subject to high volatility and will eventually fade away. Simply put, as long as NFTs are exploited as a financial exercise for trading, they will not be sustainable.

Projects that recognize and reward value are needed now more than ever, and the Kirin Metaverse considers this fundamental. Kirin is a project driven by a vision that enables and empowers the masses with the ability to participate in this next evolution of the internet. The Kirin Team believes the technical advantages it brings to the table will set new standards that should be required in every blockchain project entering this new realm.

Web3 brings the opportunity to create a decentralized world giving power to the creators who contribute to its growth. However, this is not guaranteed, and a lot of projects are being created from centralized perspectives that “have plans” of turning over power to their communities — time will tell.

True to the core principle of Web3, decentralization is foundational in the Kirin Metaverse. In fact, the growth of the Kirin Metaverse depends on the direct involvement of its community from the beginning. Furthermore, instead of wasting resources to conceal Kirin’s “secret sauce”, technologies responsible for giving Kirin its competitive advantages will be accessible and transparent to everyone. Kirin is of the people and for the people.

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