LAWSUIT AND AGAINST GOOGLE BECAUSE OF BAKA PRASE? A security expert reveals in which case the tech giant could face consequences for YouTuber’s misdeeds

In his clips, among other things, he promoted crypto scams.

Controversial YouTuber Bogdan Ilić, better known as Baka Prase, recently found himself in the public eye due to numerous accusations against him. After he told numerous lies about the owner of TV Pink, Željko Mitrović, the television released a documentary about all the misdeeds Ilić had committed over the years.

Harassment and abuse of minor girls, tax evasion, but also racketeering by criminals, as well as gay affairs, are just some of the things shown in the aforementioned documentary.

According to the data recently obtained exclusively by Republika, Ilić has been reporting ridiculous income for years, about 150 euros per month, and he earns millions from his YouTube channels alone, and there are also contracts with sponsors, as well as income from the online store.

In the period from 2016 to 2019, he reported non-employment income in the amount of 673,234 dinars, and in the period from 2018 to 2019, he reported income from self-employment in the amount of 288,671 dinars. In total, from 2016 to 2019, on both bases, 961,905 dinars, that is, only 8,151 euros. This would mean that in those four years, he earned 20,039 dinars per month (for both bases together), that is, 170 euros.

In addition to this, as we wrote earlier, Ilić did not submit tax returns, whether it was about gifts, capital gains, absolute rights…

Also, the “YouTuber” is no stranger to the media lynching of dissidents, so a few years ago he publicly called out the singer Vojaž with the song “Vojaž blamaž”.

Because of Baka Prase song and that public lynching, Voyage suffered numerous insults. He even received threats.

– It took off so much that older people approached me on the street and threw various derogatory words… They made fun of me. Many people told me that I was ugly, and on social networks I also received messages in which they threatened me with death – Vojaž told Hit Informer a couple of weeks ago.

Ilić, in addition to the aforementioned scandals, also promoted pyramid schemes in his videos. The news that Ilić became part of an alleged international fraudulent cryptopyramid scheme appeared about two years ago, local media reported. Then, users of the site “Reddit” announced that “YouTuber promotes this way of investing money”. In that period, he was allegedly traveling to Dubai precisely for this reason.

In addition to the shocking claims, some of Bogdan’s Instagram posts at the time were also attached, in which he claimed that he had “easily and simply obtained a huge amount of money”. He emphasized how he put some money on “Kubitek” a few months ago, then “the robot would just keep making money for him, while he did nothing”.

Gordana Mišev

– After the initiation of the investigation and the arrest of Bogdan Ilić by the prosecution of the Republic of Serbia, the question arises whether Google could also be sued for not reacting to the commission of dozens of criminal acts on Baka Prase channels. It probably depends on the circumstances and facts, whether YouTube had knowledge and whether Ilić was warned about breaking the rules and committing criminal acts on the mentioned channels – she said.