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Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University & The Dr. Candice Matthews Library Grand Opening Ceremony

On April 29th during a private ceremony. Leaders Esteem University celebrated its main campus grand opening ceremony. Dr. Verna Caddie who’s the Founder and Chancellor of Leaders Esteem University dedicated the university’s library to Dr. Candice Matthews who’s the statewide steering committee chairwoman for The Rainbow PUSH Coalition of Texas.

During the ceremony, Dr. Candice Matthews shared her story on how she began her career as a leader in the community, who is admired by many. Dr. Candice Matthews also, paid homage to her mother and father who instilled work ethics and how to stand up for what is right no matter what. Dr. Matthews also paid homage to her husband during the ceremony. 

Dr. Candice Matthews is a well respected community leader that fights for the people in real time, On a daily basis, and she is so deserving of this honor. Not many black women have their own library .

Dr. Verna Caddie was elated to announce and honor The Wall of Fame to The Smith Foundation” as well as honored the founders Dr. Mya Smith-Edmonds and Dr. Harry L. Smith, Jr with an award from State Rep. Ron Reynolds and from our beautiful Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. They were both honored with the Hometown Hero awards from Leaders Esteem University. For all of the great works that they do in and around the community.

Attendees were able to witness this historical evening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony which was the ceremonial opening for Esteem University and The Dr. Candice Matthews Library..

We are so grateful for our media partners SGA Founders of Marietta Willis, Sonja Lowe, and 953 Jamz.