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Legally Highest Makes History with First-Ever THC Seltzer and Secures Major Deal with Buy Rite Liquors

In a bold move, Legally Highest has made history by creating the world’s first-ever THC seltzer, and has secured a major deal with Buy Rite Liquors, one of the largest liquor chains in New Jersey. This groundbreaking product has already taken the state by storm, and plans are in place to expand to other locations.

Legally Highest has established itself as a leading brand in the industry, with high-quality products and impressive sales figures. Now, with the launch of its THC seltzer, the company has taken things to the next level. The seltzer offers a refreshing and unique experience that customers can’t get enough of.

With this deal, Legally Highest has secured a significant presence in liquor stores throughout New Jersey. The product is currently available at select locations, but there are plans to expand to all stores in the near future.

Retailers who have not yet added Legally Highest THC seltzer to their inventory are encouraged to do so. Sales have been exceptional, and reorder rates are outstanding. This innovative product is sure to be a hit with customers and is changing the game in the beverage industry.

As demand continues to soar, Legally Highest is expanding its fulfillment lines and equipment to keep up with orders. Retailers who join the movement now will reap the benefits of this game-changing product and stay ahead of the competition.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try Legally Highest THC seltzer for yourself. Head to your nearest Buy Rite Liquors store and experience the refreshing taste and unique effects of this revolutionary product.

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