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Marco Birlan – Art, Web3 & a huge project incoming

Recently, we had the opportunity to interact with one of the most talented creatives from Europe. We spoke with Marco Birlan, a 28-year-old Art Director from Romania. He has been working for 5 years as a graphic designer / art director in the United States music industry and in the last 2 years he has developed a passion for Web3 and the investment area.

“2020 was the year when I felt that I had to take a step forward and leave my comfort zone. I started to study the investment area very carefully and thus I became passionate about cryptocurrencies, stocks and NFTs.”

Designing for Offset and having appearances in Times Square & Billboard

Back in 2018, Marco Birlan tried his luck overseas. He tried to enter the music market in the United States and succeeded, making a rapid ascent. Only one year later, he created cover arts for artists like Jose Guapo or Famous Dex. Also in the same year, he had the honor of having Offset (Migos member) on his cover art.

“People often ask me – how did you do it? How did you get to such artists? I don`t think I have a recipe for success, but I have some ingredients – work ethic, passion and perseverance. It`s practically impossible to fail!” Marco said.

In the next years, 3 of Marco`s covers were featured in XXL Magazine, he had a cover art mentioned in Billboard and another one presented in Times Square – New York City. There followed nominations at various online galas for graphic designers and hundreds of projects with famous artists such as Lil Baby, Gunna, Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, Soulja Boy, Chief Keef and so on.

Moreover, he founded a music label that aims to reach high levels in the United States industry next year – Society73.

Marco, about the importance of investing & passive income

Graphic design did not remain the only passion for Marco. In the last 2 years, he has developed a massive interest in the area of blockchain and Web3. He started investing in the field of cryptocurrencies, stocks and NFTs.

“In 2020 I stayed at home a lot, as it was that period that affected us all. I had problems with anxiety and depression, so I started reading books about personal development. That`s how I ended up with passive income books, where I simply `devoured` hundreds of pages written by the biggest entrepreneurs in the United States.”

As he says, at that moment there was a click that changed his life. Marco began to take the investment field seriously and invest in cryptocurrencies, the stock market and NFTs.

“I am honestly not yet at the level where I can give advice to someone about investments, but I tend to get there. I just want all people – especially young ones – to realize the importance of a passive income, given that inflation is increasingly worrying. I would have loved to start much earlier, but we live in times where it is within the reach of anyone to make money through investments, so better late than never!’

Marco Birlan, from Art Director to Entrepreneur

Marco Birlan announces a very bold project for the year 2023 – Million Innovation. This is intended to be a new online platform, dedicated to all entrepreneurs, freelancers and investors. The project is still in the early stages, but everyone can fill out a form to reserve a seat in Million Innovation University.

Marco co-founded the ambitious project with his wife Oana and gave us some details about what we can expect:

“ I don`t want to reveal too much, but what I propose is to develop a utopia for entrepreneurs and investors! Million Innovation University will represent the perfect place for those who want to learn, create connections and grow financially & spiritually. Our short-term plans include eBooks and webinars with important people from Europe & USA.

In the long term, Million Innovation is preparing to launch an exclusive collection of NFTs, its own cryptocurrency, a mobile application and why not.. a new Social Media network!

We invite you to join the new movement to be aware of what we want to do. WE ARE DESIGNING THE FUTURE!”

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