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McMurray Stern: The Importance of Making Storage Solutions a Key Factor in the Future

The growth in automated storage solutions is at a steady incline. As a result of the rise of e-commerce, companies need more shelf space and are looking for new technology to maximize their storage space inventory. This leads to robotic advancements that McMurray Stern has created to provide a more secure future in storage.

McMurray Stern is constantly developing new technological solutions as they see the increase in demand for more storage located in offices and facilities. They are built to last long-term with daily usage and have a high-performance rate. A few of the different techniques McMurray Stern uses to advance the storage industry are Automated Guided Vehicles, Vertical Lifts, and Mini Loads.

Efficient, effective and reliable, McMurray Stern’s Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are designed to keep productivity fast while keeping material safe. A storage solution system built for big warehouses, the fully automated vehicles can transport loads of heavy-duty materials for pickup and delivery options. Its low cost in investments and operations and being highly flexible makes it one of the most practical storage systems for companies.

Vertical Lifts by McMurray Stern (VLM) are designed to handle small materials like beauty products, books, medicine, and other documents. This system’s primary usage is to handle smaller parts and projects with care and is one of the most reasonable storage solutions for businesses. They are easy to use and require minimal training to operate. Since VLM are more compact, assist with storing smaller materials, and offer a goods-to-person service, they use 90% less floor space.

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Mini loads are a type of storage-retrieval machine that tends to be a lighter weight due to the lightweight items it holds. The Mini loads work well inside any warehouse unit and maximize the space to the fullest.

McMurray Stern offers a wide range of other services that include carousel systems, shuttle systems, picking systems, and lifts and run the machine. For over 40 years, McMurray Stern, based in Culver City, California, has offered services to big brands including Oakley, Kaiser Permanente, BBraun, and Amgen, to name a few. Their design teams help with multiple projects to ensure their customers are successful.

One of McMurray Stern’s main partnerships is with SSI Schafer, a supplier and component manufacturer for storage and shelving that consists of a team of certified engineers. They help plan and consult with organizations to determine what units will work best for company warehouses. SSI Schafer also provides installation services and support of any automated storage units. They operate on an international scale and cater to a wide spectrum of industries.

These days, businesses are trying to be more cost-conscious and conservative in how they operate. They want to continue to grow, however, at the same time do not want to spend extra money on more shelving, which will take up a larger portion of space. It is crucial for companies to stay up-to-date with technology and consumer behaviors.

McMurray Stern AI solutions provide all the tools to fulfill organizations’ needs. Partnering with other storage solution manufacturers benefits both companies, as they come up with efficient routines in productivity as shipping times become faster and more people shop online.

For more information on McMurray Stern, visit https://mcmurraystern.com/