Meet the renowned founder of Fundacao Amor ao proximo Wamy Brito a man who was always destined for greatness


It’s natural to wonder, “Where can my donations help the most?” when you care about making a difference in the world.

The good news is that your contributions can have a considerable impact. Especially at the Fundação Amor Ao Próximo, a charity foundation known to all those residing in Luanda, Angola.

Meet the renowned founder of Fundação Amor ao próximo, Wamy Brito; a man who was always destined for greatness.

Born and raised in Luanda, the capital of Angola, Wamy headed to the United States when he was just 16 years old to finish high school and aimed to head to university to complete his degree.

After graduating from Devry University and completing his degree in bachelor in Business Administration, Wamy continued on the journey of building his charity foundation with seven members that would change hundreds of lives all around the world.

His mission has always been to help people worldwide and impact their lives through his foundation to have meaningful lives where they are given the education and respect they deserve.

Introduction to Fundação Amor Ao Próximo

The Fundação Amor Ao Próximo foundation has helped children living in orphanages with gifts and school materials, by donating hospital supplies to them during COVID-19 and other events that are mentioned on their social media. Wamy being the founder, continues to help by donating blood every year for American Red Cross.

The name of this project is called ‘Education is Power’, and it explains what his charity foundation stands for. Wamy decided to name the project on this basis when he and his friends were attending a conference and discussing how education can change a country entirely.

Unfortunately, Africa is a continent where children cannot get an education because they choose safety over it. They are forced to study under the trees and are vulnerable to the weather and its elements. The distraction of being in such an environment makes it unable for them to learn.

And for those who might have decent shelter to study in, there are holes in the ceiling, making them unable to learn. When it rains, the children get cold and wet while ruining their work.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 35 million primary-age children are out of school, so Wamy’s goal is to begin his journey by raising enough funds for each school he completes. His main goal is that the foundation will build 18 primary schools across the provinces in Angola. He is working hard to ensure that he starts making his first school this year in Luanda. 

You might be wondering, why do all this? What is the purpose? By building 18 primary schools, you can be assured that more than 900 students will have a decent place to continue their studies, and more than 100 individuals can get a job as teachers. He plans to build more than 5000 primary schools in Africa in 15 to 20 years.

He also plans to host charity gala events in Luanda to help raise funds for this project. He wholeheartedly believes in this foundation because the children he strives for today can go on to become professionals in the fields they are interested in.

Wamy entrusts the future to the children, and he believes they have the right to have an education since there cannot be a future for them without it.