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Mr. Thank you – new star in the Instagram world

At just 36 years old, this multi-talented creator from humble entrepreneurial beginnings in apparel manufacturing has skyrocketed to become the biggest digital force on the planet. Now splitting his time between the glamorous hubs of Dubai and Los Angeles with his wife Sasha Belair and their son Lev, Mr. Thank You (real name Sergei Kosenko) dominates as an artist, blogger, philanthropist, and businessman.


This motivational singer and speaker has upended all expectations by lavishing his ever-growing fanbase with a stunning array of opulent prizes and life-changing gifts – from ultra-luxurious supercars and multimillion-dollar real estate to staggering sums of cold hard cash. With each passing day, videos and images circulate across the internet of elated supporters being surprised with these colossal giveaways from their new idol Mr. Thank You.

ThankYou is also a talented musician, whose melodic anthems of happiness and self-improvement are striking a profound chord with listeners worldwide. His recent smash “Capybara to the Moon,” blending tropical rhythms with catchy hooks and lyrics about overcoming adversity, has already racked up tens of millions of streams.


At the moment, the internet is reverberating with his latest smash hit musical release “Capybara” – an infectious, high-energy anthem that has spawned countless fan videos of choreography, lip-syncs, and creative tributes flooding social media feeds. It’s just the latest phenomenon after his breakthrough MTV hit “Let It Fly” helped launch Mr. Thank You’s career from independent artist to receiving millions of streams.

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Of course, his journey traces back to over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience from apparel to media before making it big as a multimillionaire influencer. But few could have predicted he would one day not just meet but wildly surpass the popularity of internet icons like Mr. Beast.

With a rapidly growing empire of over 1.5 billion supporters and counting, there’s no putting this genie back in the bottle. Whether you love him or just can’t stop watching him, Mr. Thank You’s status as the new reigning titan of the digital universe is now undeniable. His incredible rags to riches story has captivated the entire world.