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Multimedia artist and conceptualist Shuk Orani with a Artistic-scientific project in Hamburg

This project was also supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the City of Hamburg, the University of Hamburg, the Kreativ Gesellschaft, Absolute Software, ATELIER SO, 3rdway, EXXXA and other expert teams.

“Art in the age of artificial intelligence” AI meets art

A project created and developed by multimedia artist and conceptionist SHUK ORANI together with Dario Gi – AI artist and IT expert.

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– The project was developed in the last year and has gone through three stages of development:

The first phase was about the interaction between artist Shuk Orani’s art and artificial intelligence. In the second phase, software was created and developed that was intended to push the limits of what modern technology could do. While the third phase has materialized in 1. An avatar with passion who participated in a panel discussion and some other models of AI development creating discussion links and gateways to the world of art, especially for the artworks of SHUK ORANI, in cooperation with the AI

– It should be noted that the main purpose of this project by artist SHUK ORANI was to study the interference of his art with artificial intelligence, and in particular to study methods of deepening access to the world of information that would then be used to create different works of art. In other words, Orani wants to research this innovative development and through this research develop methods and skills to develop new forms of innovation in art.

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The project “Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: AI Meets Art” is supported by:

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the University of Hamburg, Absolute Software, the City of Hamburg, the organization “Creative Society”, 3rdway, EXXXA and a whole team of professionals from different fields.

Exhibition on July 5th, 2023 in the ATELIER SO, from 6:30 p.m.:

The panel discussion entitled “What does AI in art mean for the art world and society?” promises to answer some of these pressing questions. Renowned experts from the fields of art, IT and AI industry as well as philosophy, who present their perspectives and promote a diverse and engaged dialogue. Prominent guests at this discussion include:

Professor Doctor. Andreas Moring: Professor for digital economy, innovation and artificial intelligence at the International Management School ISM in Hamburg and deputy state chairman of the FDP Hamburg.

Shuk Orani: multimedia artist and conceptualist originally from Prishtina, Kosovo, currently living and creating in Hamburg. Orani is known for his art projects with a scientific and social background as well as for his large-format, abstract-expressionist oil paintings and sculptures. Recently he has also been doing research in the field of AI in art.

Dario Gibellini: A software developer, aspiring artist in the field of AI art and founder of the AI artist group PEEZMO. Gibellini’s exhibits use various AI technologies ranging from the generation of synthetic emotions to fully automated radio programs and innovative image processing.

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The discussion was moderated by Sarah Weintritt, a culture manager who specializes in the implementation of creative, interdisciplinary projects for national and international cultural institutions, ensembles and festivals. Weintritt’s expertise also extends to financial advice, career coaching and lecturing.

  The collaboration between artists, IT and AI specialists and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation deserves recognition. It is important that such collaborations take place to drive the convergence of art and technology. However, it is equally important to ensure that art retains its primacy over technology and that artistic expression remains paramount.

In the Project.

  1. Shuk OraniMultimedia Artist & ConceptionistIn the project: Project Idea & Concept, Exhibition
  2. Dario Gibellini
AI Artist & IT Consultant
In the project: avatar creation / co-designer, together with SO
  3. David BurkhardtProfession: Production designer project: hologram exhibits, hardware concept
  4. Dr. rer. nat. Johannes TwiefelProfession: AI & ML expert, PhD in Computer Science / AIIn the project: Speech Recognition for Avatars
  5. Rudiger Hoefert
Profession: Diploma in Computer Science/AI
In the Project: Avatar creation
  6. Wolfgang Bench:
Profession: Business Development & Marketing Manager
In the project: avatar creation
  7. Dipl. Ing. Architect Ardiana Orani
In the project: Space planning
  8. Edward Abiakin – Programmer
In the project: programming chatbot

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