Myriam Perosa

Myriam Perosa a human diagnostic device

Myriam can literally read people to identify the underlying causes of recurring life situations or even physical symptoms.

A young woman suddenly begins to perceive a voice within herself. What at first appears to be a rather disturbing experience turns out to be a huge gift. She suddenly receives not only answers to all kinds of life questions, but also much deeper explanations and backgrounds.

What or who are we really? How do our life dynamics arise and function and what influences them? With the information they received, they managed to ‘neutralize’, among other things, all the unprocessed experiences that have influenced their lives unfavorably in some way up to that point. Without even having to consciously look at a single once-experienced situation again. What could almost sound like the synopsis of a movie, does not come from the pen of a Hollywood author. It is real. We are talking about Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit.

Myriam, does that mean you can see my thoughts right now?

(laughs) No. But I can see what these thoughts trigger in you.

So what I feel?

Yes. I can ‘see’ what emotions and feelings are active in you. Especially if you don’t feel well, or if certain life situations repeat themselves frequently, then I can ‘see’ the underlying cause for it. The same with physical symptoms or even illnesses.

That is, what they have experienced in their lives so far!?

The causes go far beyond what we have experienced ourselves in this life. Often, for example, the experiences of our ancestors also play a role. Under certain circumstances, these are transferred to us. Or, for example, if we listen to a good friend who is sad or angry, we can be infected by his or her feelings. Such extraneous information, can trigger incredible dynamics in us and our lives. Our own emotions and feelings act on it as if we had experienced it ourselves.

And this can influence our life situations?

Absolutely! To understand this, we have to accept that we are not only made of matter. That is, we don’t start at the head and end at the feet. But that we consist on a metaphysical level predominantly of information particles – we call this our metaphysical system. And pretty much everything is stored in these particles. In interaction with our emotions/feelings and our matter – in other words, our body – this stored information can, via the principle of resonance, also influence our life situations and cause physical symptoms to communicate themselves, so to speak. Our metaphysical system has no mobile phone on which it could call us in order to communicate something to us. Such stored information – from wherever it may have come – can also be the reason for emotional states. We had a client who moved around a lot because she never felt she had arrived. Another lady did not find her role in this life. And it was always dynamics triggered by metaphysical information.

That means that behind every physical symptom, illness or recurring life situations there is a deeper, or as you call it – metaphysical cause?

I would not want to derive a law from it, but the probability is very high. For example, if you have back pain, then it may well be due to your mattress. Then I would see that the pain is purely physical. But it is also possible – and this is the rule – that information or parts from your metaphysical system want to make themselves felt. We – that is my partner Dennis A. Masseit and I – once had to deal with a lady who had to have a vertebra replaced because it hurt so much that she could hardly walk. When she had this vertebra replaced, the game started all over again. The second vertebra was also replaced. When the third vertebra above it started to hurt as well, we came on the scene. The trigger was so-called future projections. These are worries and concerns about the future. We have many such cases. And after the causal information has been decoupled, these symptoms usually dissolve as if by magic. But even if there were no metaphysical cause – that is, if someone had a serious accident due to carelessness, in which he was injured – then the healing process can be supported, or even very much accelerated, by the interaction with his own metaphysical system.

You also create quite detailed screenings, how can I imagine that?

For example, if someone wants to learn more about themselves, they send us a photo, which gives me access to their information. Then we create a personal screening in which the person discovers, for example, which of the information stored in his system plays an active role in his life, his health or in emotional states. The person then knows exactly: what is going on in my background, what relevance do the individual topics have for my life and where do they come from – we had previously talked about the heritage of our ancestors, for example. He then knows exactly where to start in order to come to a dissolution.

What kind of people request such a screening and for what reasons?

It varies. Some are simply curious and then relatively surprised when they see how various factors interact and lead to exactly what they find in their lives. Others ask for very specific reasons. These can be recurring relationship problems, diffuse persistent feelings or anxiety. Frequently, we also receive inquiries from people who have a physical symptom that goes away and suddenly a new one appears.

But also with coaches, therapists or holistic doctors worldwide a very nice symbiosis has arisen. They regularly request a screening for their clients and patients. This tells them where they should best target their interventions. I see exactly where the problem areas are, where and with what priority to intervene. The practitioner then decides for himself how and with which techniques to proceed in order to reach the objective. This then very often leads to faster and very great successes.

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