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New Kickstarter: LvL 2 by Strojtools brings major Prusa Printer Upgrades

The Lvl 2 by Strojtools improvement entered the world-famous crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with a unique upgrade set for the MOST POPULAR hobby 3D printer from the Prusa company!

After months of development, Strojtools brings to the market a set of major improvements for the most affordable and commonly used 3D printers in the world – Prusa MINI and Prusa MINI+ 3D printers. Our goal was to enable the owners of Prusa Mini printers to upgrade them to a profi level and thus print with almost zero deflection. Now you can turn your hobby printer into a professional printer, too.

Enthusiasts from Strojtools noticed the inaccuracy of the Prusa Mini 3D printer, and since they owned several of them and everything else suited their needs perfectly, they did not want to be content with mere replacing. And since they are not only enthusiasts for 3D printing, but also the production and creation of new things, they started developing a set of improvements that would improve the already great Prusa Mini and Mini+. This led to the creation of Lvl 2 By Strojtools set, which achieves crucial changes in printing accuracy for the hobby printer Prusa Mini with the help of a combination of printed components and a stiffener made of strength dural. It easily handles the printing of components that require 100 % accuracy. Not only the already mentioned ACCURACY forms the added value, but also CAREFULNESS thanks to vibration damping and better-controlled adjustment of the X-axis head.


Even if you own a hobby printer which is built simply and intended for home use, Strojtools offers technology that will allow you to print at a professional level and optimise print accuracy positively, without the need to invest in professional printers for your satisfaction. Lvl 2 set allows printing without deflections. Printing, that will bring you more than delight in the end.

The Lvl2 solution consists of two parts. Parts you can print out on your printer according to the supplied data from Strojtools and firm parts you will receive by post. The main part of the sent parts is the unique stiffener for the X axis made of special strength dural, which Strojtools, thanks to its main activity in the production of prototype parts, produces on serial machines intended for the automotive industry. That’s how it can ensure extremely high quality and does not have to invest in the purchase of new expensive machines at the same time.


Thanks to the Lvl2 set, your Prusa Mini will get many improvements. If we take a look into the technical window, this solution brings precise ADJUSTMENT of the X, Y, and Z axes, higher ACCURACY of the printed parts, reduction of VIBRATION, greater LOAD BEARING CAPACITY of the X axis, and improvement of the SURFACE of the printed parts. In addition, the set PROTECTS the X axis against damage, impact and falling, and last but not least, the advantage of Lvl2 is easy assembly and quick setting.

Simultaneously, Strojtools introduces a wider range of heatbeds than are offered in the market. The offer includes 2 bifacial, perforated heatbeds for Prusa MINI, MINI+ printers and

also for Prusa I3 MK3S, MK3S+. Because of the textured surface, such pads have an almost unlimited lifetime and effective adhesion to the vast majority of printed materials. Honey comb and brick wall patterns are available within the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. However, it is also possible to make them with an individual texture according to the customer’s wish, which is then moved to the printed part.

Strojtools’ goal is to share this unique user improvement with you through a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform, which has already exceeded 100 % of its goal, and thus enable all 3D printing enthusiasts to upgrade their printers with the Lvl 2 set, as well as their products and prints, just as if they would be printed on superior printers.

You can find the campaign here:

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