Norse Organics Have Been Able To Scale The Production of The Kill Acne & Redness Ritual To Match The Demand In The Market

The Kill Acne & Redness Ritual from Norse Organics has revolutionized the Acne space. More than 100,000 customers have purchased it since its launch in 2024. Thousands more customers wanted to buy it but couldn’t because of stock issues. Norse Organics is confirming that the Kill Acne & Redness Ritual is back in stock in the US, Canada, the EU, the UK, and Australia.

Premium+ Face Scrub from the Kill Acne & Redness Ritual in production. The jars are filled to the limit.

Norse Organics has sold out of the Kill Acne & Redness Ritual eleven times in the last six months due to new customer demand. New customers wanted to buy more than Norse Organics was able to produce.

Daniel Hoftun, founder of Norse Organics has the following to say about the production issues:

“Making products like these is not easy. That’s why no one else does it. Our standards are extremely high. These three factors make it very difficult to produce as much as we want:

  1. The ingredients: Our ingredients are rare, but we also want them to be of the best quality. We want them wild-grown on the mountainside in the Nordics, not from a homogeneous field sprayed with chemicals in China. This matters a lot for our customers’ results, and it is why our customers experience almost unbelievable transformations.
  1. The making: The process is very delicate and based on 1000-year-old traditions. Machines can’t do this. We never heat the oils or extracts because that will destroy the benefits. Most brands don’t have the knowledge. And they serve dead ingredients in a jar to their customers. No wonder they don’t get results… Read more about our production here.
  1. Our unbelievable growth: A huge number of people are picking up on the results Norse Organics delivers every day. We are thrilled that so many people are making the switch from skincare filled with chemicals to a healthy solution. Our mission is to help 10 million people with acne in a healthy way.. And get people off Accutane and other prescription drugs with terrible side effects.”

When pressed for an answer to the question: “20x harder to produce. And a lot more expensive. Why do you bother doing this?”, he responds immediately:

“I have never asked myself this question because it’s so clear that we are doing the correct thing.

I know Norse will beat all these other skincare brands because our customers experience wild transformations. We already have a hundred thousand customers who can’t believe their own eyes, so it is worth it for us to climb mountains to make our products.”

About Norse Organics

Norse Organics wild-harvests plants that grow naturally on the Norwegian mountainside to capture the highest-quality antioxidant potential. The plants need to survive arctic winters and pack a punch!

They have spent years creating a few simple, powerful products with fast results for acne, redness, blackheads, and scars. Normal brands use 50-70% water. They use 0 water. Everything in the jar has a purpose for your skin.

So far, they have helped 100,000+ people with Acne and 10 million people fix their skin. That’s impossible without the best product and the most happy customers.