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Parental Involvement: Nurturing Kids, Not Robots

By Janset Neris MET

As teachers, we often find ourselves in the role of a second parent for our students. We strive to be nurturing and supportive, guiding them toward personal growth. However, it’s important to acknowledge that our impact can never be as effective as a mother or a father would.

In my experience as a preschool teacher, I’ve come to realize the significance of parental involvement, especially in the early stages of a child’s education. But what is parental involvement?

Most of my parents tend to think that parental involvement is being a teacher at home. Especially in this digital age, where information is accessible just in the tip of our fingertips, many parents tend to take on multiple roles, attempting to play the roles of doctors, psychologists, and educators for their children. While this proactive approach is important in certain aspects, there are situations where professional insights prove to be much more valuable.

Then is parental involvement giving every detail of their kids to the teachers or is it to make a perfect child without flows? Of course, no! Don’t forget we aren’t raising robots who take commands from us!

It’s not about forcing children into completing their homework on time or exerting pressure on them to excel academically nor it is to try and make them perfect in a sense to fit the “society”. Instead, it revolves around active participation in a child’s life.

It might be harsh to hear a mistake you have made as a parent but don’t forget, teachers always want what’s best for the kids we teach. Being actively engaged as parents is crucial, which means staying in touch and asking questions to the teachers. We love answering your questions this is what we were born to do! So please feel free to ask as many questions as you can. We encourage your involvement in your child’s education. Most importantly, remember to listen and be open to learning. Because don’t ever forget every child in the world is important. They are the ones who shape our futures.

I’ve mentioned in my previous writings that I believe in “lifelong learning.” Learning has no age! There’s no need to feel embarrassed about it. We, as teachers, also learn from the new generations of students coming to us. Some students even come up with different animals that we as teachers haven’t heard of before!

Like a child does, parents should never be afraid to learn and correct their mistakes because we are all human, and making mistakes is part of life. What’s important is learning from those mistakes. Don’t hesitate to admit your faults; we won’t judge you! We’re here to support and work together with you for the benefit of our future generation.

I would love to mention a research done by Matthew A. Kraft and Shaun M. Dougherty from the Harvard School of Education where they mention the importance of parental involvement and whether it increases the student’s engagement. In the studies done, they noticed a significant and immediate effect in classroom behavior and class participation when parental involvement was taken place.

So please dear parents, don’t neglect your kids, don’t think that by sending your children to schools that your mission is over! Because the most important thing in their life is your involvement and your presence.