Probably the best automatic robot for Trading?

ScalpeRobot is a European company, with the website, and the Instagram page, which provides an automatic software service for Trading on the Financial Market, specifically on the Foreign Exchange market.

ScalpeRobot has been on the market for over 2 years and already has over 2.000 satisfied clients, as you can see on its Instagram page where it shares testimonials from its clients who are super satisfied with the service.

In this kind of services it is important to have transparency of results, such as trading results, and ScalpeRobot have public reports of trading accounts in which their software operates and we can conclude that the returns are great and reliable. In addition, on ScalpeRobot’s Instagram page daily results are shared from their trading accounts using the software and the results are resounding.

The ScalpeRobot team works hard on its software, updates it constantly and is currently on version 4.1, where the software/robot itself has the intelligence to analyze the currency pairs and choose the best pair to trade, completely autonomously.

The strategy that the ScalpeRobotV4.1 is programmed to operate in the financial market is in favor of the trend, where the software itself analyzes various patterns of Price Action and Supply and Demand to open positions. To provide security for the account capital, this robot has three types of risk mode, such as: Low, Moderate and High mode, where the client himself can choose to his preferences.

It is also possible to set a maximum loss value on positions to ensure the safety of the client’s account. The best thing about this company is that they are able to provide this service for free, with the history of results and by their recognition in this trading market it is possible to conclude that this robot is probably one of the best to operate in the financial market.