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Ralph Lauren Reveals 2024 Paris Olympics Uniform & Collection

The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics and Paralympics are just around the corner, and now we know what Team USA will be wearing for the athletic games. Ralph Lauren is once again an official outfitter for Team USA, and the American brand just unveiled the looks that the athletes will don to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. 

This is the ninth time that Ralph Lauren has dressed the Team USA athletes, effectively bringing style to sport without sacrificing the traditional elements of Olympic fashion. The collection is inspired by the host city of Paris, but with a decidedly American tilt. The launch features plenty of red, white and blue, which happen to represent both the French and United States flag colors.

Getty Images Ralph Lauren just debuted the 2024 Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony Team USA ensembles.

“Ralph Lauren is profoundly honored to define the look of the American delegation as they represent our country in one of the world’s most celebrated and storied events,” David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s chief branding and innovation officer, shared in a statement. “This summer, Paris is the backdrop where fashion and sport will collide on the world’s stage with a global audience and that is an incredibly exciting proposition.”

The Opening Ceremony pieces reflect Polo Ralph Lauren’s tailored yet contemporary aesthetic, embodied in details and unexpected pairings like denim jeans with a bold red-and-white-trimmed suit jacket. The wool blazer is worn over a blue-and-white-striped Oxford button-down, a trademark of preppy style. One photograph from the campaign features Olympian cyclist Kamren Larsen, outfitted in the Ralph Lauren Opening Ceremony uniform while riding a bike, giving the uniform an authentic, athletic feel. The careful footwear selection is similarly admirable; the athletes will wear classic but formal buck shoes, which have the capacity to dress up the uniform while remaining comfortable and timeless. 

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Richard Phibbs Kamren Larsen.

The Closing Ceremony campaign has more of an emphasis on athleisure, but holds true to that red, white and blue. Showcasing more functional elements, the windbreaker-inspired jacket is paired with white denim pants, the latter of which are an integral part of the sporty look, as they are under the guise of post-game sweats, featuring the namesake “Team USA” in a vertical fashion. A baseball-style cap, with various patches and the famous trifecta of colors, completed the ensemble. 

Along with the uniforms, Ralph Lauren is also releasing a “Villagewear” collection including outerwear, tees, accessories and more, which the athletes can wear when they aren’t competing. It’s composed of more casual, less technical garments for off-duty style, ranging from a cable-knit vest and fleece baseball jacket to rugby tees and USA-emblazoned sweatshirts. 

ralph lauren x Olympics
Richard Phibbs And the Closing Ceremony outfits.

The collections also have a sustainable component: not only are the uniforms made in the USA, but they are also manufactured with eco-conscious materials. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies uniforms are made of recycled polyester and RWS certified wool, and shirts from the Villagewear collection are made of 100 percent recycled cotton. 

Melissa Stockwell
Ralph Lauren Melissa Stockwell.

All pieces from the Olympics collection, which ranges in price from $22 to $998, are now available on RalphLauren.com and in stores across the United States and France, so you can dress just like your favorite athletes this summer and beyond. Below, see a few of our favorites to shop now.

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