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Sketcha and His NFT Journey as a Digital Artist

Sketcha is an artist from Italy and currently residing and practising his artistic profession in London. Realizing the development across the NFT industry and with over 15 years of experience under his belt, he took the initiative to start his journey as a digital artist in 2021. Since then, he has been able to gain considerable opportunities and success in the industry as a professional digital artist.

With many artists taking positions in the NFT space with their work, Sketcha decided to join in and share his work with the world. He has been working hard to create and share expressive content with the community, resulting in some successful collections across OpenSea and SuperRare, two notable NFT marketplaces.

Sketcha has made an impressive stance in the community with his work. His collection on SuperRare, 1/1 unique pieces of art that purposefully communicated a story and emotions behind it. Developed across Procreate, 4 of the 5 artworks have been successfully sold by Sketcha for his impactful art through colors and contrast.

The possibilities in the digital NFT market are endless, as stated by Sketcha. He believed in this ideology and put forth a platform that would help people witness an essential transition in digital art. Sketcha introduced an NFT collection of 806 portraits painted and randomized through a developed Python code. This collection, known as Identities, is available on OpenSea, which displays the concept of visual metaphor through artistic design. This NFT collection takes up a wholesome idea of identity, which can be easily manipulated and controlled across the blockchain. Where data is managed through an identity, losing one can lead to many losses. 

Sketcha has designed another significant collection on OpenSea, which has successfully reached a trading volume of over 100ETH. This collection, his first in the digital community, is a mix of derivative art and sketch styling, which was remarkably accepted and acknowledged by people. The success of this collection can be observed in the impressive results it achieved.

Following the success and recognition of Sketcha in the digital world, he has been supported and followed by many famous people from various industries. Artists like Snoop Dogg and Punk6529 have referred to Sketcha’s art and made positive remarks on it. He is also followed by many celebrities including Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Rose, and VincentVanDough. Sketcha indeed has achieved a lot with such requisite support from artists in his NFT journey.

About Sketcha

Sketcha is an Italian artist based in London who has worked professionally as an artist for 15 years. He started his journey as an NFT digital artist in 2021 and has developed successful collections throughout his digital journey. His collections across OpenSea and SuperRare have brought him great success. The latest collection, Identities, is a wholesome collection that has been appreciated by the digital community. Sketcha’s journey as a digital artist has been endorsed by multiple celebrities and artists.

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