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Taking Luxury beyond the Diamond High-End Jeweler Shares the Details of his Bespoke Jewelry-Making Process

A diamond is forever and not a decision that should be taken lightly, with major decisions happening on a whim or when you’re experiencing a sparkle-high. At least that’s what luxury diamond jeweler, Ofir Shenkrait, said when he gave us an inside look at his VIP client experience process.

Receiving a luxurious, high-end piece of jewelry should be accentuated with luxury customer service and product development processes. Luxury isn’t just the item that ends up on your finger or draped across the neck of your loved one. Luxury is a high-class service, a state of premier being, and an aura of indulgence that starts from the moment the client reaches out to the moment they slip on their luxury bespoke piece.

The Luxury Design Process

Clients that are seeking the prestigious, luxury treatment head to Shenkrait & Co.’s offices. They sit down with the team to understand what type of jewelry item they will be designing. Who is it for? What’s the occasion? Is it everyday wear or something reserved for special occasions? What do they want this piece to symbolize or say (to themselves or their loved one)?

Unlike a read-to-wear store, all their pieces are 100% unique and made especially for their clients to cater to their desired needs and specifications.

Once they understand the purpose of the piece of luxury jewelry, the client and the team at Shenkrait & Co. then discuss the client’s budget. They have made hundreds of luxury bespoke pieces and can help clients understand and select what best suits them and their budget.

Then, one of the most fervently anticipated parts of the process; selecting the diamond. Shenkrait & Co. has a sensational range of stunning diamonds to choose from. Including fancy color diamonds and an exquisite range of high-quality central diamonds available in 0.30, 0.50, 1.5 carats, and more. Ofir mentioned that the fancy color diamonds are the most prestigious and one of his personal favorites.

Once the diamond style is selected, they discuss the desired setting, such as a bezel or prong setting. And pair the best setting to complement and cradle your chosen diamond.

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Then, they start to bring the piece to life with a digital 3D model. During the 3D drawing process, they will take any necessary measurements to ensure the piece will fit like a second layer of skin, weightless and pristine.

Next, it is time for the client and the luxury service team to select the level of cleanliness, the color and clarity of the diamonds, and the color of the metal. Shenkrait & Co. helps the client to choose what tones, shapes, and medals would be best suited for their skin tone, style, and day-to-day lifestyle.

Before the production process begins, the client will verify every detail; a diamond is forever, and they want you to be eternally happy with your luxury piece. Once everything is given the green light, production can begin.

During the manufacturing process, Ofir Shenkrait personally gets involved in the process, selecting the diamonds with care and precision, with zero room for compromising quality. Next, the piece is 3D printed from wax and soon placed into plaster to create a plaster mold. Finally, the plaster is filled with gold in the client’s chosen medal and design.

Lastly, the manufacturing team will craft the inlay, clean and polish the piece, and set it in rhodium, plating to protect it.

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Shenkrait & Co. Offers prestige at every step of the process, the kind you can carry with you every day.