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Technological Innovation in New Jersey: A Quantum Leap into the Future.

How José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez, CEO of Quarks Advantage, views the strengthening of technological innovation in New Jersey.

At a hearing before the New Jersey Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology Committee, José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez, CEO of Quarks Advantage, outlined a promising future for the state in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing.

In recognition of his expertise in the field of business-applied artificial intelligence, Mr. Carrasco Ramírez was invited to provide testimony on AI utilization and companies’ strategies for hiring and training in this area.


“Implementing the first quantum computer in New Jersey would be a groundbreaking milestone in innovation and technology,” stated Carrasco Ramírez. His participation in the hearing focused on the use of AI and how companies approach hiring and training in this area.

The event, held in the annex of the New Jersey State House of Representatives on May 16, 2024, brought together business leaders and academics to present to committee members how to drive excellence in the state in the field of artificial intelligence.

In his testimony, Carrasco Ramírez provided an overview of Quarks Advantage’s goals to develop a business-focused AI platform based in New Jersey. He also categorized the workforce in the AI field, highlighting the challenges of attracting, training, and retaining AI experts, given the current shortage in the sector.

“The fierce competition for this skilled human resource has led to a high salary scale,” he noted. Therefore, the current challenge is to establish partnerships with New Jersey’s academic institutions to engage and train young talents in AI development. Recent activities in the state, such as the announcement of an AI innovation hub by Princeton University and the State of New Jersey, could drive steps toward this goal.

Mr. Carrasco Ramírez explained that this could balance the diversity challenges, as ensuring a diverse workforce in AI can be difficult due to the underrepresentation of certain groups in the technology field.

Noiralih Guere, COO of Quarks Advantage, is part of the 1% of Latino-Hispanic women in C-level positions in AI companies in the United States, an achievement made possible thanks to the New Jersey Innovation Fellows Program, which emphasizes promoting the rise of underrepresented minorities, exposed Mr. Carrasco Ramírez.

Carrasco Ramírez explained that to attract significant investments and position New Jersey as a leader in technological innovation, especially in AI and quantum computing, it is essential to strengthen an environment that encourages research, development, and collaboration between industry and academic institutions.

To achieve this, Carrasco Ramírez suggested considering at least three milestones:

  1. Create a robust AI platform that serves as a foundation for the development of AI applications across various sectors. This will boost the growth of AI startups and support the digital transformation of existing businesses in New Jersey.
  2. Establish a research and development center dedicated to quantum computing that houses the first quantum computer in New Jersey. This will position the state as a center of excellence in quantum computing, attracting talent and promoting innovation.
  3. Fund research projects exploring advanced materials such as hexagonal boron nitride, graphene, and pure forms of silicon. Research and develop new materials that can enhance the performance and stability of quantum qubits. This will contribute to advancing the manufacturing of smaller and more efficient quantum devices, which could revolutionize quantum computing.

These milestones will require not only financial investments but also a long-term commitment to education, professional training, and the creation of an innovation ecosystem that includes supportive government policies, Carrasco Ramírez said.

Concluding his speech, Carrasco Ramírez maintained that the successful implementation of these milestones could turn New Jersey into a global leader in quantum technology and AI, attracting investments and talent from all over the world.