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In the world of modern art, content creation has become one of the biggest and most important divisions that ties many other genres together. It is no doubt one of the most viewed and engaging mediums in the art world. Many people wake up and start their day by engaging with different content and posts that help them make sense of their surroundings, which makes them feel more related to what is going on in the world and what they believe in. Therefore, it is important to think about the different types of content and how they affect our lives. Especially as art lovers and art enthusiasts, New York Art Life is committed to highlighting these important art forms and bringing some of the newest and most influential to the attention of its dear readers.

Content Can be Classified

Content creation has become one of the biggest tools in the postmodernist world in sending a message or showing reality to viewers. In a way, content creators engage with viewers as they help them connect on things they choose to mutually experience. For instance, a film can move viewers and help them agree or disagree with the director and writer. Writers can help readers relate to a story or place themselves within a universe. In the same retrospect, contents such as video games allow users to go into a dimension of reality that is different and takes place in another realm yet has the same quality of everyday life. But it is important to ask, how do these products and artistic masterpieces fall into our hands and how do we choose to become their audience?

Most of these contents and artistic forms are brought to us, the audiences, by content creators who focus on persuading the audience. These content creators work closely with the producing and creating team of the original media, but in a different way to achieve successful rhetoric. For instance, every person who becomes aware that a new film has been released, or that a new video game is available for purchase knows about it through a commercial or a promotional video such as a teaser or trailer that highlights the most important and significant moments of that artistic piece. And those commercials and trailers are created by specific content creators as well. So it is safe to say that animators also contribute to content found everywhere in the media, but it is important for audiences to think about their process as well.

An Animator’s Artistic Process

Every artist has their own artistic process and approach to what they do. It is their regimen and sometimes the way they approach their artistic field can affect their style and more specifically, the way we perceive what they offer. At New York Art Life, we always focus on sharing these important processes and thinking of how we can relate to those processes and what it means to us as viewers, but it has usually been the process of traditional artists such as dancers, writers, painters, and other artists whose work is the piece we are engaging with. An animator is also an artist that can offer a film or a piece of animation that is watchable or something that can be played, but it is quite a different experience.

An animator’s process is usually focused on the audience from start to finish. Whether it is a film or a video game, or even a commercial for another product, animators think of the way viewers will perceive their content and try to connect it to reality. After all, most people turn to art to receive a relatable feeling in some form or shape. So, when an animator begins their work, they think of the experience their audience will have. They will adjust it in a way to have the effects that they desire, and also to have it follow the style and message they have in mind as well. As with any art form, there are technical aspects that an animator or designer follows to make that visual experience as smooth and memorable as possible.

An Animator You Need To Know

Baya Bae

One of the best animators that is changing the game in the content-creating world is Baya Bae. She is an animator and motion graphics designer based in New Jersey. She has been part of many popular projects and her work has been the inspiration for many content creators. She recently made the film Salary Serf which was an official selection at many film festivals such as Athens Animfest, Animation Dingle, and NYC Animation/Anime Film Festival, among many others. Salary Serf also won an award at London Independent Film Festival and was a finalist at Montreal International Animation Film Festival.

Baya Bae is currently the lead animator at Tilting Point, a top company that creates content for world-class clients. Baya Bae is responsible for creating motion graphic advertisements for mobile game titles. One of her top clients included the Sponge Bob Krusty Cook-Off game. This game was one of the most played and accomplished projects. It won the Player’s Choice Awards, Google Play Best of 2020, and the Mobile Game Awards in 2021. It has also had over ten million downloads. Baya Bae had the responsibility of creating the app store video, and Tiktok videos for clients such as SpongeBob Krusty Cook-Off, and making in-game animations and commercial videos.

Another project where Baya Bae had key responsibilities such as the last one was Terragenesis This game won the Participant Choice Award in Green Game Jam in 2022. It also had over ten million downloads. For this game, Baya Bae made cinematic commercials to promote the work. Her work was a significant aspect of the project’s growth. Prior to that, a Baya Bae worked on commercials for the game Star Trek Timeline. This game also was nominated at an award venue called the International Mobile Gaming Awards Global and it had over five million downloads.

Baya Bae is experimenting with the world of content creating in motion graphics and animation and is breaking the barriers of preconceived ideas of style and modern rhetoric for advertisements. She is an inspiration to many people and continues to bring audiences closer to their next best experience.