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The Paid Piper of Crypto

The world of cryptocurrencies has had a wild few years, from the Elon Musk-fueled rise of Dogecoin to Web3 innovations and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the wild swings in Bitcoin and other crypto tokens. However amid all of the action and madness, Craig Piper II, also known as Piper (@therealpaidpiper), remains an infallible constant. By introducing several cryptocurrency assets and exchange platforms in an exceedingly unorthodox manner, the cryptocurrency mogul nearly wrecked the market. Even greater, the popularity of all of these tokens and platforms has soared.

One of his more recent platforms, The Grow Wealth Auto Pilot, also known as GWAP Trader allows users to not only invest their money, but also works as a cryptocurrency and exchange platform. Users can easily create their account, link their bank account details, choose the amount of money to invest, and watch their money literally soar before their eyes.

GWAP Trader or The Grow Wealth Auto Pilot, was started in 2020 at the beginning of the last bull run. Through the use of the scientific approach to all parts of their investment management system, GWAP’s primary aim is to deliver current calculated risk returns to their investors within a solid risk management framework. In pursuit of their fundamental aim, GWAP strives to attract, train, and retain the greatest human talent in the domains of science and innovation.

With strong conjecture and an operational framework, they aspire to continuously enhance their organization, cycles, and innovation. Piper originally began taking clients and they started seeing their investments double within a matter of mere months. Piper went on to prove himself by cashing close to one million dollars to his clients only within the first two years. Piper has now changed his returns option to lean more towards more traditional hedge funds.

An author, conglomerate owner, and Harvard Business School Online graduate, Piper is a loving and dedicated husband, and a father to five beautiful children. Along with his wife Jazzelyn, they live in multiple different countries, however they split most of their time within Colombia and the USA. Piper’s company, The Piper Umbrella comprises a number of businesses ranging from medical tourism to film production. Some of the businesses under The Piper Umbrella include:

  • Piper Umbrella Films: Piper Umbrella Films is a cutting-edge film and production business specializing in anything from full-length feature films to music videos.
  • Piper Records: Piper Records is a postmodern recording label that produces some of today’s greatest new talent in Hip Hop, R&B, and pop music.
  • Piper Travel: Piper Travel is a travel firm that advertises special holiday package discounts all around the world.
  • Fajamour: Fajamour wholesales the best Colombian-made fajas and other post-surgery apparel that has been approved by all board-certified doctors.
  • LULO: Lulo is the world’s first travel stable token online platform/application that can be used as a peer-to-peer payment system when traveling.
  • Sydette Piper: Sydette Piper is a private cryptocurrency hedge fund for the future that promises to help ordinary and accredited investors obtain higher-than-average returns via their new age portfolio management methodology.

Piper’s newest endeavor is Paid Piper, an automated new site and social group, similar to Facebook, but for cryptocurrency. The site features an active social community where you can not only chat with other members, but also discuss future investments and ask for advice from like-minded people all around you. The website also has a small breaking news section, where you can be updated on all of the latest crypto news within a matter of a few seconds. The site not only gives you access to live price updates from all of the most popular cryptocurrencies, but also provides you with access to inside ICO information that other people might not have access to. The site also provide you with graphs tracking the price of different crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB, so you can map all possible trends. With over 25,000 different topics to choose from, spread over 11 different categories, including but not limited to tech, telegraph, crypto, and coinbase, Paid Piper is the best way to engage with crypto fanatics all over the world.

Piper is said to have started showing interest in crypto in the third quarter of 2020. According to reports, Piper began to teach himself how to read charts and study market movements, and he progressed swiftly. With this newfound confidence, he proceeded to approach his friends and family for investments in what is now the most flourishing financial sector, and was turned down.He invested all of the very little money he had left to his name in cryptocurrency.

According to rumors, he went from $1,000 to $10,000 in less than two weeks, after which he knew that this was his life’s calling.

Piper is also the author of three best-selling crypto books that he published with Piper Umbrella Publishing.

Intro to Crypto Vol I. is a must read if you are planning on entering the fastest grossing financial market in the world. You’ll be able to learn where you may learn from one of the industry’s best traders and project developers. In this short book, Piper breaks down everything from bitcoin’s creators to the first currencies you should invest in.

Vol II goes into more into describing the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies where you’ll be able to discover some of the most profitable blue-chip coins that have the potential to make you a fortune by the end of the current bull market.

Piper has certifications in Economics and International Business, Investment Fundamentals, Basic Financial Concepts, Accounting Principles, and Financial Performance and is one of the best cryptocurrency moguls to watch out for, especially at the exponential rate at which he is growing his business.