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The Podcases Podcast Is A Unique, No Holds Barred Weekly Podcast

the podcases shawn and chris

The Podcases podcast is a unique, no holds barred weekly podcast. From politics to zeal, this ultimate no-topic show is jam-packed with entertaining discussions on every hot topic.

Hosted by the charismatic duo of Shawn Carter and Christopher Young, the weekly, exciting and interactive podcast aims to take listeners on a personal journey into the most stimulating, enthralling, and thought-provoking topics. The Podcases offer a unique form ignor-tainment! You think it, Podcases will discuss it!

The Podcases Podcast was started as a way to offer an alternative to the typical, run-of-the-mill podcast. ”We thought our phone conversations, which are usually about any and everything, was entertaining and thought we should develop a podcast similar to how we converse over the phone. Our show is that—a conversation between two friends broadcasted live”, explained Shawn Carter.

Shawn and Chris have been inseparable friends for over 25 years. A deep friendship which originated from their college days as roommates at Shaw University in Raleigh NC. The Podcases podcast is a reflection of Shawn and Chris’s friendship. A platform where anything can be discussed, just as it is between close friends. Little wonder the duo is called “The Originators Of Opinionated Facts”, a catch phrase that is frequently used to open the show. ”We have developed a reputation as a show that is considered “No Holds Barred” meaning no topic is considered off limits”, said Chris.

With a fourth (4th) season of the show starting on May 29th, Shawn revealed that due to the interactive, opinionated nature of their platform, the Podcases podcast is particularly suitable for anyone between the ages of 25-50. ”Our audience is widespread across several demographics”, he added.

The Podcases podcast also has an Ecommerce section where quality t-shirts and merchandise inscribed with the podcasts’ catchphrase and the hosts’ names are sold.

When Shawn and Chris are not dissecting opinions on their podcast, they spend time with their beautiful young families and the game of golf! Shawn is a father of two beautiful daughters, a serial entrepreneur and an avid golf junkie. Chris is a father of four great young boys, an attorney and also loves the game of golf.

Shawn and Chris have a piece of advice for their listeners. ”Keep at it and stay true to your own personality”, they advised. It’s an advice that exemplifies the Podcases podcast, a place where topics and opinions are kept true, according to each member’s personality.

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