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The Real Life 007: Tony Schiena Takes on Mount Everest for Documentary on Ukrainian Climber Antonina Samoilova

Tony Schiena, a former intelligence operative and CEO of MOSAIC, a US-based defense intelligence company, is often called the real-life James Bond. And he is living up to his reputation by taking on an ambitious project of climbing Mount Everest for an upcoming documentary.

Teaming up with Backbone Pictures, Schiena’s production company, and Lionsgate, Schiena produced the action movie “The Weapon,” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. earlier this year. Now he is filming a documentary showcasing the success story of female Ukrainian climber Antonina Samoilova.

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Samoilova has successfully climbed both Mount Everest and K2 and is now attempting to climb Everest again to stand against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The documentary aims to uplift the Ukrainian people and raise awareness of the ongoing conflict.

In 2022, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many celebrities came forward to donate to various relief organizations and speak out against the attacks, including George Clooney, Selena Gomez, and John Legend. Their support has helped to raise awareness of the situation and to provide aid to those affected by the conflict. Tony Schiena aims to do that and more with his upcoming documentary about Samoilova’s climb up Mount Everest. Through his documentary, he hopes to showcase Samoilova’s incredible feat and inspire others to take action in support of the country’s sovereignty.

Schiena will be accompanied by Samoilova and a team of Sherpas, including the legendary Kami Rita, who holds the record for climbing Everest 26 times and will now be attempting his 27th summit with Schiena. Kami Rita is personally connected to Mount Everest. His father, Mingma Tshering Sherpa, was among the pioneering group of professional guides who accompanied international climbers on the mountain when Nepal opened it for ascent in 1950.

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Schiena’s interest in creating a documentary about Samoilova and her team’s Everest climb stems from his desire to uplift the Ukrainian people and raise awareness of the ongoing conflict. The actor’s company, MOSAIC, was active in the early stages of the conflict, and Schiena has stood with Ukraine since the early stages of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

With his extensive experience and accomplishments, Tony Schiena is well-versed in high-stakes missions. He has operated in various capacities on four continents, proving himself a valuable asset. As a veteran of the African intelligence and paramilitary community, Schiena played a crucial role during a pivotal moment in South Africa’s history, helping avert an imminent civil war and facilitating the smooth government transition while abolishing apartheid.

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Schiena has also served in various capacities in the private security sector, aiding the government and various law enforcement agencies. He has expertise in counter-terrorism training, counter-human trafficking, security for conflict areas, and martial arts or defensive tactics for special forces operators.

With his remarkable background and experience, Tony Schiena is indeed living up to his reputation as the real-life James Bond, taking on high-stakes missions like climbing Mount Everest for a documentary.

To learn more about Tony Schiena, visit www.tonyschiena.com