Choreographer Reba Browne highlights the joy of dance as a means to celebrate life and unity

The renowned Dancer, Reba Browne emphasizes how dance unites people in celebration of life

Dazzlingly emotive, Reba Browne moves with fluidity and grace that is quintessential of the Indian dance styles that are her forte. With her crisp turns, clear-as-crystal technique, radiant stage presence and spellbinding command of an audience, Browne is an Indian dancer, choreographer, and dance educator, passionately spreading South Asian culture through dance.

Dance Beginnings

Browne was 7 when she began dancing thanks to her grandmother’s initiative. She took classical Indian dance lessons in kathak at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi. “I feel I was performing on stage before I could properly walk,” Browne says. “I vividly recall my first kathak performance at the Kamani Auditorium. I must have been 9 years old. I fell in love with the feeling of being on stage right then.”

Professional Life

In the early 2000s, Reba choreographed for a Bollywood Musical Ek Choti si Fairytale and enjoyed it so much that she continued choreographing musicals for schools like Modern Barakhamba, New Delhi. Browne was also seen in Bollywood films like ‘Rockstar’, and ‘Aisha’. With her extensive training in kathak, Indian contemporary, semi-classical, and bollywood dance styles, Browne was well-equipped to showcase the diverse range of Indian dance forms. Her vast experience gave her the opportunity to create and perform works for solo, duet and group performances with companies like The Danceworx, Musical Dreams, and ADAA that were featured at the Ashoka Hotel, Talkatora Stadium, and Kamani Auditorium in New Delhi. Browne has also choreographed for TV commercials and worked with name brands like Maruti Suzuki, Wizcraft, Aircel, Marlboro, Sony Ericsson, to name a few. Apart from film and theatre, Browne’s teachings shaped new generations of dancers and choreographers, as well at schools like Pathways World School, Presidium School, Birla Vidya Niketan, and Manava Bharati India International.

New Opportunities

After gaining much exposure and experience, Browne was in her late-20s when she moved to New York City to attend Broadway Dance Center’s International Student program.“ Browne’s unique style and versatile training made her a sought after dancer and choreographer in New York City. She went on to work as a Creative Director for Surati. Before she knew it, she was performing, teaching, and touring with premier Indian dance companies. Browne has been a vital force behind dance companies like Surati as well as Diwakar Performing Arts Group. Putting to use her extensive training and exposure in the Indian dance industry gave Browne the opportunity to work closely with Rimli Roy who is renowned for creating original Indian dance productions in the US, and with Bollywood veteran Anil Diwakar. Browne performed for ​​Bollywood Fashion & Music Awards and was on stage with Bollywood icons like Priyanka Chopra, Shaan, and Haider Ali. Browne has been able to showcase the vibrancy and cultural significance of Indian dance forms at the Indian Consulate and United Nations, as well as for Surati’s festivals and theatre productions. In addition Browne toured with the Bollywood production Mystic India. More recently, Browne’s unique command of Indian dance and technique landed her in the middle of the viral Music Video Lamboginny – “India Has Done me Well.”

Browne’s efforts to spread Indian culture through dance are truly inspiring. She believes that dance can break down barriers and foster understanding between different cultures. As she says, “Dance is a way to connect with people and share experiences. It is a way to celebrate diversity and find common ground.” As an international artist from India, Browne takes it personally to further her mission to preserve the art of Indian dance and share it with a global audience. As an educator, Reba used her expertise in Indian dance at companies like Ajna to immerse art and diversity in education. Browne has spearheaded Indian dance programs at schools and universities through residencies, workshops, assemblies and after school classes. Directing and performing with the repertoire, Browne was featured as a solo artist bringing her semi-classical choreography to life for over 5,000 at The Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturdays. With years of experience under her belt, she directed artistic showcases at Waterside Plaza as part of their Summer Concert Series. In addition, Browne volunteers her talents as the Dance Director at Trinity Lutheran Church in Astoria, Queens.

In less than a decade Browne’s original work has been showcased at the NYC Road Runners Marathon, Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Center, NJ PAC, the Indian Consulate, United Nations, The Rubin Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, Lincoln Center, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, and many more.

Diversity and Culture

Browne is actively involved in cultural events that celebrate diversity. “Colors for India” at Hudson Yards, NYC Open Culture “Spring Fling” in Astoria, “To India with Love” at the historic Loews Theatre, and World Dance Passport by Lotus Music and Dance, are a few of Browne’s recent works. In a world that often seems divided, Browne’s message is one of hope and unity. Her dedication to sharing Indian culture with the world through the medium of dance is a testament to the power of art to bring people together.

“Festivals like Holi and Diwali bring the community together through dance and music, regardless of cultural or ethnic background.” Browne has been an integral part in sharing authentic Indian dance with a global audience for the celebration of such festivals at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Brooklyn’s Children Museum, United Nations, and at the Indian Consulate.

Last month, Browne was seen at the Live concert at the Navaratri Performance and Celebration hosted by Alisha Desai and sponsored by the City Council Of Arts Corp – commemorating the nine night festival celebrated in India. This artistic celebration at The People’s Garden in Brooklyn was bejewelled with Browne’s solo performance as well as vibrant garba and dandiya performances by the group. In September, Holi Hai – a festival of color, Browne’s virtuoso performance was met with cheers by an audience of over 15,000.

Reba Browne is committed to promoting the love of culture by bringing the vibrance and grace of Indian dance to everyone. Her professional and authentic choreographies and performances blend together the diverse dance styles from India. From the intricate nuances of Kathak and Semi-Classical to the upbeat shimmer of Bollywood, folk, and Bhangra. Browne’s performances create an engaging experience for the audiences.

Browne leads a group of exceptionally talented women trained in dance Indian styles like odissi, bharatanatyam, kathak, as well as western styles like ballroom, jazz, and contemporary; together they have mastered the art of balancing their professional calling with the insatiable appetite for dance.

“I’m grateful to God for the immense opportunities I have to share my culture through dance,” Browne says. “It’s gratifying.” Browne’s passion for dance and choreography and her love to nurture budding artists is what keeps her dancing 7 days a week.

Browne’s versatile training and opulent understanding of Indian dance styles sets her apart from the crowd as an international artist with extraordinary talent, a unique style, and international cultural experiences. She has not only carved a niche for herself but Browne’s considered an expert in the Indian dance community.